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Artifacts are unique and powerful items currently found on Chaos and Elevation, which were found in the ground at separate random locations all over both servers.


  • The location or carrier of an artifact may be determined using the Locate artifact spell.
  • Each artifact has 30 charges. Every week 10 charges are removed. Activation|use removes 1 charge.
  • When an artifact has 0 charges left it will disappear into the ground at a random location within the week unless recharged at either the White Light or Bone Altar.
  • Recharging takes up to 4 minutes, can only be done one artifact at a time and emits a serverwide event message.
  • Recharging is limited to specific times and days. Times are the 1st and 3rd week of each starfall, during either Awakening or Wrath day.
  • Artifacts do not decay or take damage when used.
  • May not be taken to any other server.
  • You may not teleport whilst carrying an artifact.
  • Artifacts drop on the ground upon leaving the world.
  • Artifacts will drop on the tile on player death.

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