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When used on a hook, bait increases the chance of catching particular fish. There are 12 types of bait:

  • Fly - You catch these using a pottery jar with a bit of honey in it, on animals.
  • Small piece of cheese - Cheese broken into smaller pieces.
  • Dough ball - a small ball of dough.
  • Wurm - Found on dirt and mycelium tiles.
  • Sardine - Caught using fishing nets in shallows.
  • Roach - Caught in shallow waters.
  • Perch - Caught in shallow waters.
  • Minnow - Caught in caves.
  • Bit of fish - Small fish chopped up.
  • Grub - Found in shriveled trees, pried out using an awl.
  • Grain of wheat - from wheat!
  • Corn kernel - from corn.


  • Each time a fish bites on a baited line, the bait will take damage (e.g. the fish eats a bit of it).
  • Bait is not required to catch fish (i.e. you can catch fish without bait), but the chances are a lot lower. Different fish prefer different bait.
  • Bait is automatically replaced, if its eaten away, with one of the same type from your best tackle box at the end of the fish action..
  • Rare bait increases time the fish eats from it, thus making it easier to hook the fish.
  • Bait can only be stored in the tackle box, and will take decay.

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