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Food storage bin
A Food storage bin
Total materials
  • Food storage bin (20.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons.

Food storage bins are useful for two main reasons. First, you can fit more than 100 objects into them. Second, they stop all decay of objects put into them. The quality of the merged item is based on the average quality of the items you put in it in relation to the total volume.


  • 5% of each of the stored items are lost every 28 days. This loss does not apply to containers on a deed with more than 30 days of upkeep left.
  • Finished storage bins can only be picked up if empty, but can always be pushed, pulled, and turned like forges and ovens.
  • They can be Planted to prevent pickup when they are empty.
  • The Food Storage Bin fits in a runed wagon.
  • Enchants, renames, and other "special" characteristics are lost.
  • Can be secured like a large chest with a large padlock or small padlock.
  • Can hold more than 100 items.
  • Storage bins can be used to separate large piles of combined items (e.g. olives, grapes).
  • Storage bins can be used to combine leftover bits of items, assuming they are of the same type.
  • The 'Weight' column of the bin is actually the volume, a single bin can hold 16000.
  • Items can be dragged directly from a container to the storage bin.
  • Food storage bins can be bashed off deed and picked up, if they are empty, if they are 70+ dmg and or 10 quality and below
  • The bin's door will appear as open once it has reached more than 50% of its maximum storage capacity.
  • Food storage bins can be dyed/painted using 3kg of dye.

Items that fit in

Item Volume
Barley 0.018
Basil 0.008
Belladonna 0.008
Berries (Lingonberry, Blueberry, Strawberry) 1.025
Cheese 0.2533
Corn 0.018
Dough 0.5
Egg .06
Eye 0.002
Fish  ?
Flour 0.125
Fruits (Grapes, Olives, Apples, Lemon, Oranges, Cherries) 0.125
Garlic 0.027
Hazelnut 0.125
Heart 0.07
Lovage 0.001
Meat 0.253
Nettles 0.001
Oats 0.018
Oleander 0.001
Onion 0.125
Oregano 0.008
Parsley 0.008
Potato 0.175
Pumpkin 1
Pumpkin seed 0.018
Rosemary 0.001
Rye 0.018
Sage 0.008
Salt 0.028
Sassafras 0.008
Thyme 0.008
Walnut 0.125
Wheat 0.018

Finished food items (meal, gulash, casserole, stew, sandwich, porridge, stew, soup) do not fit in.

Most healing cover ingredients don't fit in either.

Raw meat, diced meat, filets of meat can now be stored in a food storage bin. Minced meat does not fit in.

Fish and filets of fish can now be stored in a food storage bin.

Mushrooms now fit inside Food storage bins.

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