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Food storage bin
A Food storage bin
Total materials
  • Food storage bin (20.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 3000g of paint.


A storage bin made from planks and strengthened with iron ribbons.


  • Food storage bins are useful for two main reasons. First, you can fit more than 100 objects into them. Second, they stop all decay of objects put into them. The quality of the merged item is based on the average quality of the items you put in it in relation to the total volume.
  • 5% of each of the stored items are lost every 28 days. This loss does not apply to containers on a deed with more than 30 days of upkeep left.
  • Finished storage bins can only be picked up if empty, but can always be pushed, pulled, and turned like forges and ovens.
  • They can be planted to prevent pickup when they are empty.
  • The food storage bin fits in a runed wagon.
  • Enchants, renames, and other special characteristics are lost.
  • Can be secured like a large chest with a large padlock or small padlock.
  • Can hold more than 100 items.
  • Storage bins can be used to separate large piles of combined items (e.g. olives, grapes).
  • Storage bins can be used to combine leftover bits of items, assuming they are of the same type.
  • The weight column of the bin is actually the volume, a single bin can hold 16000.
  • Items can be dragged directly from a container to the storage bin.
  • Food storage bins can be bashed off deed and picked up, if they are empty, if they are 70+ dmg and or 10 quality and below
  • The bin's door will appear as open once it has reached more than 50% of its maximum storage capacity.
  • Finished food items do not fit in the FSB, but some processed items, like filleted, chopped, diced, and mashed items do fit in.
  • Mushrooms fit inside food storage bins.
  • The minimum allowed quality of items put into the bin can be dictated by the Quality lock feature.
  • A Food storage bin may be hauled up and down the ladders inside of a building. By standing on the opening of a floor you can activate a rope and right click the item to haul it, providing both you and the object are on the same tile, albeit one floor apart. Hauling back down will work in the same way and the item does not need to be empty.

Items & Volumes

Item Volume
Basil 0.008
Belladonna 0.008
Berries (lingonberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries) 1.025
Black mushroom 0.300
Blue mushroom 0.300
Blue shark 360.000
Brook trout 36.000
Brown mushroom 0.600
Cabbage 1.000
Cacao beans 0.024
Carp 7.500
Carrot 0.090
Catfish 150.00
Cheese 0.253
Cocoa beans 0.050
Coffee beans 0.024
Coffee cherries 0.006
Corn 0.018
Cucumber 0.090
Cumin 0.024
Dorado 4.000
Dough 0.500
Egg 0.060
Eye 0.002
Fennel 0.135
Fennel plant 0.375
Fennel seed 0.008
Flour 0.125
Fruits (Grapes, Olives, Apples, Lemon, Oranges, Cherries) 0.125
Garlic 0.027
Ginger 0.048
Grains (Barley, Oats, Rye, Wheat) 0.018
Green coffee beans 0.024
Green mushroom 0.300
Ground coffee beans 0.024
Hazelnut 0.125
Herring 1.500
Heart 0.070
Lettuce 1.000
Loach 1.400
Lovage 0.001
Marlin 140.000
Meat 0.084
Minnow 0.080
Mint 0.008
Nettles 0.001
Nutmeg 0.027
Octopus (fishing) 4.000
Oleander 0.001
Onion 0.125
Oregano 0.008
Paprika 0.024
Parsley 0.008
Pea 0.080
Pea pod 0.010
Perch 0.840
Pike 3.000
Pinenuts 0.002
Potato 0.175
Pumpkin 1.000
Pumpkin seed 0.018
Red mushroom 0.300
Roach 0.560
Rosemary 0.001
Sage 0.008
Sailfish 4.000
Salmon 16.000
Salt 0.028
Sardine 0.080
Sassafras 0.008
Smallmouth bass 3.000
Snook 4.000
Sugar 0.125
Sugar beet 1.000
Tea Leaves (Green, Yellow, White, Brown, Oolong) 0.024
Tea seeds 0.006
Thyme 0.008
Tomato 0.064
Tuna 60.000
Turmeric 0.0240
Walnut 0.125
White shark 180.000
Yellow mushroom 0.150
Wurmfish 2.500

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