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Armour for your body, so you won't get injured as severely when being hit in combat. Cloth armour offers the least protection of all the armours and at 100 quality, reduces damage taken by 40 %. It also has the smallest penalty for walking and attack speed, as well as granting you high evasion rates. When unencumbered, you can walk at 17.24 km/h on flat roads.

A full set of cloth armour using a cloth jacket weighs 2.10 kg, using a cloth shirt only 1.90 kg, because you can not wear both at the same time. You will also need 2.10 kg of square piece of cloth to craft a full set, as there is no waste when not failing to create each piece, or 1.90 kg respectively. Failing to create a piece of armour consumes 10 % of the item's weight from the square piece of cloth.


Cloth barding is armour for your horse.


  • Cloth armour pieces can be used to bandage wounds.
  • Cloth armour pieces can not be cut up with scissors.
  • Higher quality needles increase your chance at creating.

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