Dyeable cloth barding

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Dyeable Cloth barding
A Dyeable Cloth barding
  • Dyeable cloth barding (12.00 kg)
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 592/177g of paint.


A simple yet functional cloth barding that will provide moderate protection, made in a way that allows colors.


  • At 51 cloth tailoring skill, there is a 57% creation chance. Each failed creation attempt uses up 1.20 kg of cloth.
  • Dyeing the main body of the barding using the "Paint" option uses 592 g of dye. Dyeing the pattern uses 177 g of dye.
  • As it is made of cloth, it does very little to protect a horse. It is best used as decoration.
  • Slows the mount a very small amount.

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