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This is a shameless, unofficial copy of the Wurm client release notes from the forum's City hall section.

The section headings are the date the client was updated; YYMMDD. Please note that this page was not created by Code Club AB, so it is not an official document.

Release notes by year:

2011 - 2010 - 2009 - 2008 - 2007 - 2006

3.0.1 (2011-05-24)

Some bugs with LWJGL were fixed and there are a lot of new great special effects from Haradur.

Known bugs:

  • OpenAL: Excessive echo effect on 64-bit systems (only?).
  • Mouse bindings: only middle mouse button (mouse2) bind actually works.
  • Pressing Alt or F10 key on Windows stop rendering.

Changes since 3.0

  • Bugfix: Windowed resizable mode freezes.
  • Bugfix: "Resize" cursor not turning back to normal.
  • Bugfix: Arrow orientation.
  • Scorn of Libila effect. (Haradur)
  • Smite Effect. (Haradur)
  • Light corona on lamps (Haradur)
  • Drain Health Effect (Haradur)
  • Rebirth Effect (Haradur)
  • Cure Serious Effect (Haradur)
  • Cure Light Effect (Haradur)
  • Cure Medium Effect (Haradur)
  • Heal Effect (Haradur)
  • Fix flame and lighting issues.
  • Added PRAY key binding.
  • Add support for candle flames.
  • Change amount of available tool belt slots to one per 10 QL.

3.0.0 (2011-04-26)

After a rather long development cycle due to the switch to LWJGL, there's a new client with exciting new features.

Due to recent server code advancements making a release necessary, not all bugs could be fixed in time. Known issues:

  • Windowed resizable mode is known to cause freezes - do not use it in critical situations.
  • OpenAL: Excessive echo effect in combination with EAX.
  • Mouse bindings: only middle mouse button (mouse2) bind actually works.

Most important changes since 2.7.5g: (see the client development thread for full details)

  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Direct LWJGL is now the only renderer, replacing JOGL and indirect LWJGL.
  • Upgrade to LWJGL 2.6.
  • Added 'resize' console command to resize the window.
  • New window icons.
  • Support for binding mouse buttons (apart from LMB and RMB).
  • Use pbuffers for offscreen rendering if FBO is not available. This makes it possible to use terrain and reflection textures larger than the window, should you want to.
  • Disable Pbuffer support in the compatibility tab if rendering performance with pbuffers is too low.
  • BUTCHER and BURY keybinds.
  • Add options window for changing options without going via the console.
  • "Toggle spacing" option for fight window.
  • Option to mark text as read in the chat windows.
  • Creatures are now rotating according to terrain slopes.
  • Support for visible fence and wall decay.
  • Cart wheels are now animated.
  • Less smoke in caves.
  • The selected tab will now blink on activity if the tab group is minimized.
  • Support for loading Collada models.
  • Add support for new outline of players who are on your friends list.
  • Support for coloring player names in chat name lists (local, village) according to their outline - if they are in your local. This is applied for friends, villagers and allies, and GMs.
  • Option to disable caching of decoded sounds - use it if you're really low on memory and rather want to get sounds read from disk and decoded every time they play.
  • Options to disable crafting/work, combat, emote and door sounds. Those can also be changed with the ingame settings GUI.
  • Display Local list in Combat tab as well if it's moved to the event window.
  • At high mining skill, the tooltip shows if cave floors are flat.
  • Improved JPEG screenshot quality.
  • Added an option to disable fire and smoke.
  • Rain turns to snow in winter.
  • Spell effects for Fire Pillar, Fungus trap and Ice pillar
  • Improved compass and tool belt.
  • Fixed music being played in software sound engine even when turned off in settings.
  • Added ambient sound for fires.
  • Carts now produce sound when dragged or driven.
  • Added flying arrows.
  • Added keyboard layout setting (in the text tab) to enable non-latin1 input on Windows systems.
  • Fixed player footsteps being played while riding.
  • Clouds now have an effect on ambient light.

Troubleshooting: Client crashes on startup!

Low frame rate since the update!

  • Try disabling pbuffer support in the compatibility tab.
  • Try reducing terrain resolution.

Cyrillic / greek text input does not work anymore!

  • Change "Windows only: Keyboard layout" setting in the text tab.

Excessive echo when using OpenAL and a sound card with EAX support!