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Game actions, toggles and chat or console commands may be bound to certain keys on the keyboard or buttons of a mouse to allow quick access to actions or commands. These may be modified via the launcher settings under the Keybindings tab. This page provides an overview of what each command does along with its alias for when setting manually via the console or in the textfile. See the topic advanced binding below for more information on manual changes. It's advisable to always use the launcher settings for creating binds as a warning is presented when duplicate assignments are chosen so that none are unexpectedly overwritten, unless the action is not available in the settings.

Quick Binding

New as of 01/24/19 update: Players can utilize the quick bind method to more quickly create keybinds. To do so, hold the desired key to be bound while hovering the mouse over the desired right-click menu option to be bound to that key.

Default keybindings


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Move forwards

W / UP

Movement MOVE_FORWARD Bind Moves the player/mount/vehicle forward
Move backwards


Movement MOVE_BACK Bind Moves the player/mount/vehicle backwards
Move left


Movement MOVE_LEFT Bind Player strafe left or turn mount/vehicle left
Move right


Movement MOVE_RIGHT Bind Player strafe right or turn mount/vehicle right
Turn left


Camera TURN_LEFT Bind Turn the player and camera left
Turn right


Camera TURN_RIGHT Bind Turn the player and camera right
Turn up


Camera TURN_UP Bind Turn the camera up
Turn down


Camera TURN_DOWN Bind Turn the camera down
Glance left Camera GLANCE_LEFT Bind Glance/lookspring left – returns to neutral on release
Glance right Camera GLANCE_RIGHT Bind Glance/lookspring right – returns to neutral on release


Movement AUTORUN Bind Automatically walks forward until pressed again


Movement STRAFE Bind Whilst held the TURN_ commands become MOVE_
Center view Camera CENTER_VIEW Bind Resets the camera vertically
Freelook mode Camera "toggle freelookmode" Bind Toggles the ability to look around using the mouse without clicking
Change view


Camera CHANGE_VIEW Bind Changes from first person to third person view and back
Zoom in


Camera ZOOM_IN Bind Moves the camera in in third person
Zoom out


Camera ZOOM_OUT Bind Moves the camera out in third person



Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Examine Action EXAMINE Bind Examines the highlighted item, object etc
Equip Action EQUIP Bind Equips the highlighted item
Equip left Action EQUIP_LEFT Bind Equips the highlighted item to the left side
Equip right Action EQUIP_RIGHT Bind Equips the highlighted item to the right side
Unequip Action UNEQUIP Bind Unequips the highlighted item
First aid Action FIRSTAID Bind Aids the highlighted wound
Treat Action TREAT Bind Treats the highlighted wound
Absorb Action ABSORB Bind Absorbs the highlighted mycelium
Climb up Movement CLIMB_UP Bind Climb up ladders
Climb down Movement CLIMB_DOWN Bind Climb down ladders
Track Action TRACK Bind Track on the highlighted tile
Fish Action FISH Bind Fish on the highlighted tile
Stop Action STOP Bind Stops current action from queue
Sell Action SELL Bind Sells to the highlighted token or trader
Trade Action TRADE Bind Opens the trade window
Investigate Archaeology INVESTIGATE Bind Investigates the highlighted tile for fragments
Eat Action EAT Bind Eat the selected food
Taste Action TASTE Bind Taste the selected food/beverage
Drink Action DRINK Bind Drink the selected beverage/water
Embark as commander Action EMBARK_DRIVER Bind Embark the selected vehicle/boat as commander/captain
Embark as passenger Action EMBARK_PASSENGER Bind Embark the selected vehicle/boat as passenger
Disembark Action DISEMBARK Bind Disembark the selected vehicle/boat
Moor Action MOOR Bind Moor the selected boat with the activated anchor
Raise Anchor Action RAISE_ANCHOR Bind Raise anchor from the selected boat
Mix Action MIX Bind Mix the highlighted item


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Add to crafting window Crafting ADD_TO_CRAFTING_WINDOW Bind Adds highlighted item to the crafting window
Improve Crafting IMPROVE Bind Improves the highlighted item
Repair Crafting REPAIR Bind Repairs the highlighted item
Continue Crafting CONTINUE Bind Continues creating the highlighted item which require more attachments
Finish Crafting FINISH Bind Finishes the highlighted item (unfinished items only)
Plan building Crafting PLAN_BUILDING Bind Plan a building on the highlighted tile
Finalize building Crafting FINALIZE_BUILDING Bind Finalizes a building on the highlighted tile


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Activate Action ACTIVATE Bind Activates the highlighted item
Open Action OPEN Bind Opens the highlighted item
Close Action CLOSE Bind Closes the highlighted item
Take Action TAKE Bind Takes the highlighted item
Drop Action DROP Bind Drops the highlighted item(s)
Drop as pile Action DROP_AS_PILE Bind Drops the highlighted item(s) into a pile.
Combine Action COMBINE Bind Combines the selected items
Identify Archaeology IDENTIFY Bind Identifies the selected unidentified fragments
Combine fragment Action COMBINE_FRAGMENT Bind Combines the selected fragments
Lock Action LOCK Bind Locks the highlighted item
Unlock Action UNLOCK Bind Unlocks the highlighted item
Drag Action DRAG Bind Drags the highlighted item
Stop dragging Action STOP_DRAGGING Bind Stops dragging the highlighted item
Push Action PUSH Bind Pushes the highlighted item
Pull Action PULL Bind Pulls the highlighted item
Push Gently Action PUSH_GENTLY Bind Gently pushes the highlighted item, moving it slightly
Pull Gently Action PULL_GENTLY Bind Gently pulls the highlighted item, moving it slightly
Turn clockwise Action TURN_CLOCKWISE Bind Turns the highlighted item clockwise
Turn counterclockwise Action TURN_COUNTERCLOCKWISE Bind Turns the highlighted item counter-clockwise
Sit Action SIT Bind You sit on the targeted sit-able item.
Standup Action STAND_UP Bind You stand up from sitting.
Meditate Action MEDITATE Bind You meditate at the targeted rug.
Use Spyglass Action WATCH Bind Spies with the activated spyglass.
Use Pendulum Action USE_PEDULUM Bind Uses the highlighted pendulum.
Winch Action WINCH Bind Winches the highlighted machine once.
Winch 5 Action WINCH5 Bind Winches the highlighted machine 5 times.
Winch 10 Action WINCH10 Bind Winches the highlighted machine 10 times.
Unwind Action UNWIND Bind Unwinds the highlighted machine.
Load Action LOAD Bind Loads the selected item into the war machine.
Unload Action UNLOAD Bind Unloads the war machine.
Fire Action FIRE Bind Fires the highlighted machine.
Sit Action SIT Bind Sits your character on the selected item
Stand up Action STAND_UP Bind Stands your character up from the item your sitting on
Load Cargo Action LOAD_CARGO Bind Loads selected object into mounted vehicle
Light Action LIGHT Bind Lights the selected object
Snuff Action SNUFF Bind Snuffs the selected object
Discard Action DISCARD Bind Discards the object (crumble into dust)
Place Action PLACE Bind Place the object
Lore Action LORE Bind Perform a lore action on the container
Rename Action RENAME Bind Renames an object
Spin Action SPIN Bind Spin -
Smelt Action SMELT Bind Smelt -
Burn Action BURN Bind Burn the activated fuel in the selected object


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Lead Action LEAD Bind Leads the highlighted creature
Stop leading Action STOP_LEADING Bind Stops leading the highlighted creature
Tame Action TAME Bind Tames the highlighted creature
Feed Action FEED Bind Feeds the highlighted creature with the activated item
Breed Action BREED Bind Breeds the highlighted creature with the led creature
Groom Action GROOM Bind Grooms the highlighted creature
Butcher Action BUTCHER Bind Butchers the highlighted corpse
Bury Action BURY Bind Burys the highlighted creature
Shear Action SHEAR Bind Shear wool of sheep
Milk Action MILK Bind Collect milk from bison, sheep, or cows
Hitch Action HITCH Bind Hitch a leaded animal to the vehicle
Unhitch Action UNHITCH Bind Unhitch the selected animal


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Dig Digging DIG Bind Digs on the current corner player is standing
Dig To Pile Digging DIG_TO_PILE Bind Digs on the current corner player is standing, drops the dirt to a pile
Pack Digging PACK Bind Packs the highlighted tile
Pave Paving PAVE Bind Paves the highlighted tile
Pave corner Paving PAVE_CORNER Bind Paves the nearest corner on the highlighted tile
Dredge Digging DREDGE Bind Dredges on the current corner player is standing
Level Digging LEVEL Bind Levels the highlighted tile
Flatten Digging FLATTEN Bind Flattens the highlighted tile
Flatten border Digging FLATTEN_BORDER Bind Flattens the highlighted tile border
Mine surface Mining MINE_SURFACE Bind Mines the surface of the current corner player is standing
Tunnel Mining MINE_TUNNEL Bind Tunnels into the rock face highlighted
Mine forward Mining MINE_FORWARD Bind Mines flat into the cave tile highlighted
Mine down Mining MINE_DOWN Bind Mines down into the cave tile highlighted
Mine up Mining MINE_UP Bind Mines up into the cave tile highlighted
Prospect Mining PROSPECT Bind Prospects the highlighted tile
Analyse Mining ANALYSE Bind Analyses the highlighted item


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Pick herb/spice Gardening PICK Bind Pick herb or spice from highlighted planter
Plant trellis right Gardening PLANT_RIGHT Bind Plant a trellis to the right of the tile
Plant trellis left Gardening PLANT_LEFT Bind Plant a trellis to the left of the tile
Harvest Farming HARVEST Bind Harvest the highlighted tile
Farm Farming FARM Bind Farm the highlighted tile
Sow Farming SOW Bind Sow the activated item in the highlighted tile
Cultivate Farming CULTIVATE Bind Cultivate the highlighted tile
Pick sprout Forestry PICK_SPROUT Bind Pick sprout from highlighted tree/plant/trellis
Prune Forestry PRUNE Bind Prune highlighted tree/plant
Cut down Forestry CUT_DOWN Bind Cut down highlighted tree/plant/hedge
Chop up Forestry CHOP_UP Bind Chop up highlighted felled tree
Forage Nature FORAGE Bind Forage on highlighted tile
Forage vegetable Nature FORAGE_VEG Bind Forage for vegetables on highlighted tile
Forage resource Nature FORAGE_RESOURCE Bind Forage for resources on highlighted tile
Forage berries Nature FORAGE_BERRIES Bind Forage for berries on highlighted tile
Botanize Nature BOTANIZE Bind Botanize on highlighted tile
Botanize seeds Nature BOTANIZE_SEEDS Bind Botanize for seeds on highlighted tile
Botanize herbs Nature BOTANIZE_HERBS Bind Botanize for herbs on highlighted tile
Botanize resource Nature BOTANIZE_RESOURCE Bind Botanize for resources on highlighted tile
Botanize spices Nature BOTANIZE_SPICES Bind Botanize for spices on highlighted tile
Pick flower Nature PICK_FLOWERS Bind Pick flowers from highlighted tile
Plant naturally Nature PLANT Bind Plant Sprouts naturally or Herbs in a Pottery planter
Plant Center Nature PLANT_CENTER Bind Plant Sprouts in the center if tiles
Gather grass Nature GATHER Bind Gather grass
Trim grass Nature TRIM Bind Trim grass to lawn
Collect Snow Nature COLLECT Bind Collect Snowballs during Winter
Crush Nature CRUSH Bind Crush fibres from plants or Pumpkins into seeds


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Target Fighting TARGET Bind Sets target as highlighted creature/player
No target Fighting NO_TARGET Bind Removes any target
Fight defensive Fighting FIGHT_DEFENSIVE Bind Fight defensively
Fight normal Fighting FIGHT_NORMAL Bind Fight normally
Fight aggressively Fighting FIGHT_AGGRESSIVELY Bind Fight aggressively
Aim upper left


Fighting AIM_UPPER_LEFT Bind Aim for upper left part of creature/player
Aim upper middle


Fighting AIM_UPPER_MIDDLE Bind Aim for upper middle part of creature/player
Aim upper right


Fighting AIM_UPPER_RIGHT Bind Aim for upper right part of creature/player
Aim left


Fighting AIM_LEFT Bind Aim for left part of creature/player
Aim middle


Fighting AIM_MIDDLE Bind Aim for middle part of creature/player
Aim right


Fighting AIM_RIGHT Bind Aim for right part of creature/player
Aim lower left


Fighting AIM_LOWER_LEFT Bind Aim for lower left part of creature/player
Aim lower middle


Fighting AIM_LOWER_MIDDLE Bind Aim for lower middle part of creature/player
Aim lower right


Fighting AIM_LOWER_RIGHT Bind Aim for lower right part of creature/player
Defend left


Fighting DEFEND_LEFT Bind Defend your left parts
Defend right


Fighting DEFEND_RIGHT Bind Defend your right parts
Defend upper


Fighting DEFEND_UPPER Bind Defend your upper parts
Defend lower


Fighting DEFEND_LOWER Bind Defend your lower parts


Fighting FOCUS Bind Focus your fighting
Shield bash


Fighting SHIELD_BASH Bind Use your shield to stun the target.
Special move #

6 0

Fighting SPECIAL_MOVE# Bind Perform special move number #
Target Hostile Fighting TARGET_HOSTILE Bind Only allows you to target hostile creatures
Shoot Archery SHOOT Bind Shoot at the creature/player with your bow
Shoot at legs Archery SHOOT_LEGS Bind Shoot at the creature/player's legs with your bow
Shoot at torso Archery SHOOT_TORSO Bind Shoot at the creature/player's torso with your bow
Shoot at face Archery SHOOT_FACE Bind Shoot at the creature/player's face with your bow
Shoot at head Archery SHOOT_HEAD Bind Shoot at the creature/player's head with your bow
Shoot at right arm Archery SHOOT_RIGHTARM Bind Shoot at the creature/player's right arm with your bow
Shoot at left arm Archery SHOOT_LEFTARM Bind Shoot at the creature/player's left arm with your bow
Taunt Fighting TAUNT Bind Taunt the creature.


Command Default Category Keybind Type Description
Pray Religion PRAY Bind Pray at highlighted tile or item
Preach Religion PREACH Bind Preach at highlighted item or character
Listen Religion LISTEN Bind Listen to highlighted character
Link Religion LINK Bind Link to highlighted character

Priest Spells

These keybinds are set as default in the client but cannot be directly modified in the settings. Read the advanced section below for details on how to modify these.


Advanced key binding

There are more advanced methods to changing key binds and this section will attempt to explain these. Do not attempt to modify key bindings manually without an understanding of the pitfalls and advice below.

Overwriting a key bind may be done unintentionally and there is no undo, the original will have to be re-added.
Accidental binds on movement, camera or interface may cause undesired effects and could get the character into trouble, for example if movement keys are changed and they are attacked.
If in doubt, back-up the keybindings.txt file before making any changes via the console or in the file itself.


To access the console press the default keybind of F1 to open the window. From here the BIND command may be used to assign keys to actions, chat or console commands.

Usage: bind <key> [<action>|"<command>"]

There are three types of action or command which can be assigned to a key bind. Action, console and chat.

Actions are the Bind type entries listed in the tables above, such as MINE_FORWARD or PRAY. These cannot be used stand-alone and normally reference right-click in-game context menu actions.
Console commands are Console type entries such as "toggle console" and "screenshot". These must be added to the bind with the double quotes (

") surrounding them. They may also be used stand-alone in the console without the quotations.

BIND F1 "toggle console"
Chat commands are Chat type entries, "say /time" or "say /sleep". These must also be added to the bind with double quotes and can be used in the chat window without the quotes and without the prefix say.
BIND F5 "say /sleep"

In-game wiki The in-game wiki is an important tool for new players so this section describes how to re-bind the key should it ever become unbound. Open the console using the default F1, if this has been unbound check in the keybindings setting. Now enter the following to have it re-bound to H.

bind h "toggle wikisearch"

Now when the player hits H the wiki box will appear so that in-game searches may be made.


Editing the keybindings.txt file in the location specified under Keybindings source in the Game tab of the launcher settings will allow players to manually change, delete or add in, line by line, a list of keybindings as already discussed. They are entered the in the same method as they would be typed into the console. It's advisable that a backup is taken before any changes are made.

Console EXEC

Key binds may also be combined with the Exec console command to enable a player to perform a wide range of tasks with only a few keys, swapping keybinds on the fly. See Guides:Quickswitch hotkeys for more information and examples.

Special characters

Some keys cannot be entered as typed on a keyboard and must be referred to by their Java reference.























; or NUMPAD +















































Caps Lock

Caps Lock or

  • Most mouse buttons will be detected by Java and the game may make them all available. Simply increment the number at the end of MOUSE to test if your buttons will accept binds. Java mouse button labels are: left, right, MOUSE2, MOUSE3, and MOUSE4. On windows this corresponds to buttons: left, right, middle or button3, button4, and button5.


  • To reset key bindings to their default state delete the keybindings.txt file at the location specified under Keybindings source in the Game tab of the launcher settings. This will generate a new file on next load.
  • To access the console, press

F1 (by default). It's also accessable via the Main Menu.

  • Key modifiers may also be specified, e.g. SHIFT or CTRL+ALT. Add these before the key you with to bind, e.g. SHIFT+D. Available modifiers are:
  • shift
  • ctrl, ctrl+alt, ctrl+shift
  • alt, alt+shift
  • ctrl+alt+shift
  • Numpad keys are not the same as the normal keys on the keyboard, ensure the correct assignment is used.
  • It is possible to assign binds to mouse buttons, e.g. forward, back, middle-click.
  • To see the current assignment via the console type bind <key>
  • To remove a key bind assignment type bind <key> ""
  • Chat messages may also be bound to keys:
bind <key> "say guards!"
bind <key> "say /shout Hello kingdom people!"
bind <key> "say /v Hello village people!"
bind <key> "say /tell <name> Enemies in local run awayyyy!"
  • All possible chat commands are available by typing /help in a chat box.
  • To list all key binds in the console type dump binds in the console window.
  • Keys bound to actions are sensitive to the mouse cursor's hover location/position and object highlight. So, if the cursor is hovering over an item or tile that will be the target of the action. Some actions require an activated item to be available.

Further reading