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When the Wurm Online client is installed it creates a directory with various files and folders. This page explains the contents and purpose of these files.

Note: Words contained in <> brackets require client/user specific information, replace both the contents and the brackets with the correct information. For example, <player_name> should be replaced with the characters name (e.g. console.<player_name> becomes console.Rolf).

Locating the Wurm Online directory

You can assign your own location for the Wurm Online client files during installation, when you download the client for the first time. If you cannot remember where you placed it, these are some of the common locations:

C:\Program Files\Wurm Online\
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wurm Online\
C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\wurm\
C:\Documents and Settings\<user_name>\My Documents\wurm\

If you are comfortable using regedit you can find the registry information in Client Windows Registry.



The main Wurm Online folder contains:

  • console.<player_name>
    • Console log output per character. This file contains information useful to the developers in solving game issues.
  • start_up splash
    • File randomly pulled from the server at launch time for the loading screen
  • wurm.install
    • This file notes the date of installation. If you delete this file then next time the client is started from the jnlp, the client will prompt for re-installation.


A folder is created here for each named config profile in the client settings. Profiles may be shared between characters.

Each folder contains:

  • autorun.txt
  • gamesettings.txt
  • keybindings.txt
    • Holds the key bindings for the client. This file should not be edited as the contents are replaced with the key bindings that are active when the client quits.
  • words.dat
    • Contains words censored by the built-in chat filter (if active). It supports both exact and partial matches, instructions can be found at the top of the file.

Deleting any of these files will cause the client to regenerate a fresh file when it is next started.


Main article: 3D Packs

Contains all the assets used by the client such as models, textures, and sounds.


A folder is created for every character logged on with the client.

Each folder contains:

  • dumps
    • This folder is where "skill dumps" are placed when the command dump skills is used in the console.
  • logs
    • Contains all game window information logged by the client (depending on client settings), error information is not logged here. The main examples are Combat, Event and Chat (Local, Village, PM, Kingdom and IRC).
  • screenshots
    • All screenshots taken with the client (default - F11) are placed here. Files are named wurm.<time_stamp>, the file type can be chosen in the client settings under the Advanced Graphics tab.
  • test_logs - optional
    • This folder is created if the test client is used.
  • config
  • password
    • Stores the encrypted character password.
  • stats
    • Stores client statistics that can be viewed in-game (default - F4).
  • windows.<resolution>
    • Stores window position information for the specified resolution. (Chat/Event window, Compass, Health bar, etc.)