Common wool hat

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Common wool hat
A Common wool hat
Total materials
  • Common wool hat (0.30kg)
Skill and improvement


A common wool hat for all weathers.


There are six variants of the common wool hat, regular, blue, brown, dark, green, and red. These are all created from the finished base hat and colored raw dying materials, they may not be colored by using pre-made dye.

To color a hat it needs to first be dipped in water; activate water from a container in the inventory and on the base hat right click > create. The table below shows all materials required to create a dyed hat, including the initial water.

Color Water 1.5kg Cochineal Copper lump Iron lump Tannin Woad
Blue 3 2
Brown 3 3 2 1
Dark 1 1 1
Green 2 1
Red 3 2


  • Hats replace armour pieces to the head and do not provide any protection.