Common wool hat

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Common wool hat
A Common wool hat
Total materials
  • Common wool hat (0.30kg)
Skill and improvement


A common wool hat for all weathers.


  • Hats replace armour pieces to the head and do not provide any protection.
  • Requires minimum 5 cloth tailoring skill to create.
  • Additionally, a minimum of 20 cloth tailoring skill is required to create the coloured versions.


There are six variants of the common wool hat: regular, blue, brown, dark, green, and red. These are all created from the finished base hat and colored raw dying materials. They may not be colored by using pre-made dye.

To color a hat it needs to first be dipped in water; activate water from a container in the inventory and on the base hat right click > create. The table below shows all materials required to create a dyed hat, including the initial water.

Color Water 1.5kg Cochineal Copper lump Iron lump Tannin Woad
Blue 3 2
Brown 3 3 2 1
Dark 1 1 1
Green 2 1
Red 3 2