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Cloth tailoring is a tailoring subskill used to create and improve cloth items.

Tools required


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  • Tailor at 50 skill
  • Dreamweaver at 70 skill
  • Seamster/Seamstress at 90 skill


  • Starting with 50kg cotton you should end up with approximately: 10.0 cloth tailoring skill, 15kg string and 60% chance to make string.
  • When your skill level is around 10-15 you will find that it is faster to make several cloth gloves and improve them all until they are a couple of points higher than your skill level.
    • For pure skillgain you can continue on cloth gloves to any desired skill level. Just make sure your tool QLs at least match your skill.
  • If you have a pet you can tame it until it becomes aggressive and attacks you and then let it hurt you to around 50% (or whatever you feel safe with) then use the rags to increase your healing.
  • Cloth tailoring items will burn if placed in a lit fire/oven/forge.
  • With a 40QL needle you can see the square sail option at around 20 to 21 skill level.
  • Past 25 skill you barely gain skill for spindling cotton to string of cloth, so better use a high QL spindle enchanted with WoA to save yourself time.
  • See sail for quality and chance details.