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A disease can be caught by animals being poorly treated and may pass to other animals or players.


A disease arises mainly from two factors: large amounts of animals standing together in small spaces (three or more on one tile) or by catching it from another animal or player that is diseased. A disease causes an animal to lose fat faster and eventually die if left untreated. Pregnant animals seem to have a higher chance of miscarriage when diseased (when giving birth).

Diseases can be prevented by grooming an animal regularly. You can tell when a creature needs grooming by examining it. Animals usually require grooming about every two real life days.

To slowly cure this status, make sure the animal is well-fed, put it in isolation, and use a grooming brush on it. Another option is to ask a Fo priest to cast Humid drizzle. This will instantly heal the disease (note that client delay may sometimes delay reporting of a newly disease-free animal in-game when this approach is taken).

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As a player, it is possible to catch a disease after contact with diseased animals. It is also possible to catch a disease from contact with many non-diseased animals or players. When the power of a disease is over 100, skill gain is impaired. It has been suggested that disease also lowers one's combat rating.

You will be notified with the following line in the event window in orange text:

You scratch yourself. What did you catch now?

To get rid of a disease, you have to keep your food bar above 90%. Otherwise, it will continue to decrease by 5 power every 30 minutes. The effects can be seen by looking at spell effects.

Once you lose the disease, you will be notified with the following line in the event window:

You feel a lot better now as your disease is gone.


  • It is possible for disease to be cured relatively quickly (14 minutes was observed by Petrius)