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The Path of Power is one of the paths you can join by meditating.

Path of Power tiles

Power path tiles are usually found on flat tiles at high elevations (i.e. on mountains (2000 dirts above the water table)). However, please note that a Path of Power tile can be on a non-flat tile as well.

You should be able to create your own Path of Power tile by flattening tiles when high above sea level, then testing them.

As with all paths, meditating on the tile gives the message "This is indeed a special place" after meditation is complete, and shows that you have found a special tile that belongs to a path.


Trap Immunity

Gained at level 4

You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will make you immune to traps for 30 minutes.


Gained at level 7

You get the "Erupt" option on rock and cliff tiles. The tile is transformed into a lava tile. Can't be used on a tile too close (less than 2 tiles) to a Magranon altar. Timer: 40 seconds.

  • Northwest corner of lava tile will rise by 4 slope after Erupt.
  • Cave walls that are under the tile that is erupted will change into lava walls. This includes. These lava walls can be changed into regular cave walls with the Freeze ability.
  • The resulting lava tile above-ground and lava wall below-ground are selectively separate from each other. Using Freeze above-ground will freeze both the surface tile and lava wall below-ground. However, using Freeze on the lava wall will not freeze the lava's surface tile.
  • You may not use the "Erupt" ability outside of your own kingdom.

You get the "Freeze" option on lava tiles. The tile is transformed into a rock tile (even if it was an 'erupted' cliff tile before). Timer: 1 minute 40 seconds.

  • Freezing a surface tile also freezes the cave tile below.

"Erupt" and "Freeze" are the same path power and share the same timer. Only one can be used once every 18 hours.

Only usable inside Magranon's domain, and in areas with no domain of any deity.

"Erupt" is possible on another player's settlement if the player performing the action belongs to that settlement or, if not, has permission to use meditation abilities from a group role. Note that individual roles do not appear to work for this: if the player is alliance, the "ally" role should give them the permission to use meditation abilities, or if not, a Village role should. "Freeze" is possible on another player's settlement only if the player performing the action belongs to that settlement or a settlement allied with it.

Elemental Immunity

Gained at level 9

You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will make you immune to elemental damage (fire, ice, acid and water ; natural or spells) for 30 minutes. This includes immunity to lava and drowning. It has a cooldown of 18 hours.

Stamina of the Vibrant Light

Gained at level 11

Adds a +30 to your Body stamina level, reducing your stamina usage for actions. For example, if you have 20 Body stamina and Stamina of the Vibrant Light, you effectively have 50 Body stamina. The maximum bonus is at 69 Body stamina, when a player would have 99 effective stamina.

Recall Home

Gained at level 12

You get the option on your Body (in your inventory). This will instantly teleport you back to the token at your deed.

  • Can be used once every 12 hours.
    This cooldown is lowered by 1 hour for every level past 12.

  • It only works if you have been part of the village for more than 24 hours.
  • Only transports the player character, any mount, cart or boat is left behind.

You close your eyes and let your spirit fly home.

Final Breath

Gained at level 13

Your willpower now gives you the ability to deal a powerful short range blow to the enemies.

Final Breath deals medium infection wounds on the opponent.

You sharpen your thoughts into a shining arrow of energy with which you assault Young troll.
You thought pulse Young troll very hard in the crotch and harm it.
Your thought pulse affects Young troll.
You see a wound with ominously red edges and some yellow pus at the crotch.

Final Breath has a 2 hour cooldown. This cooldown is reduced by 6 minutes for every level past 13.


Level Skill Path of Power Titles
0 15 Uninitiated
1 15 Initiate
2 15 Gatherer
3 15 Greedy
4 15 Strong
5 15 Released
6 20 Unafraid
7 30 Brave
8 40 Performer
9 50 Liberator
10 60 Force
11 70 Vibrant Light
12 80 12th Sovereign
13 90 13th Sovereign
14 90 14th Sovereign
15 90 15th Sovereign
16 90 16th Sovereign

Questions & Answers

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