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Stealing is the skill used when trying to pick up or drag items in houses or on deeds where you do not have the proper permissions to do so. In these cases instead of the usual 'take' command in the menu, you'll see a 'steal' command. You may need to toggle off the 'Lawful' as well as 'Faithful' states in order to be able to perform the action. Higher stealing skill reduces the risk of guards noticing you.


  • Stealing is more difficult closer to deed center and in the vicinity of guards. Around the token can be considered extremely safe.
  • Quality level affects your chances as well.
  • Ten minute cooldown on Stealing skillgain, similar to Lockpicking.
  • There is no option to steal from a bin.


Non-premium players may not use the steal skill, as it requires at least 20.50 body control.

In Freedom stealing is disabled and instead gives the message: That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.


When Body Control rises over 20.50, you'll see the message "You now feel confident enough to steal things" in the Event window.

When stealing, any players in local range will get the message [08:37:12] You notice Mattowns trying to do something fishy!


For White Lighters

Lowered Faith, Alignment and Reputation when guards notice you.

[12:46:41] Faith decreased by 0.250 to 24.269,[12:46:41] Alignment decreased by 5.00 to 24.231

There is a chance of your god noticing and exacting penalties regardless of success.

For Black Lighters

Libila loves it, so only problem is the guards.

Characteristics trained

See: Characteristics


  • Pickpocket at 50 skill
  • Burglar at 70 skill
  • Robber at 90 skill
  • Criminal Mastermind at 100 skill