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A Fireworks

This item cannot be crafted.

  • Fireworks (4.00 kg)
Skill and improvement

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A package of fireworks.

An explosive display of light and sound.


Drop the fireworks on the ground, activate a steel and flint, right-click the fireworks, and select Use.

  • The number of shots depends on the quality. Each one quality provides for one shot.
  • Be sure to stand back looking straight up to see the effects in their entirety. The effects can be seen from quite a distance, even for some distance outside of local range.


  • Fireworks were given to premium players by Santa Claus as a Christmas gift in 2010.
  • They were also given on December 13, 2013 as part of the loyalty program for subscribing to premium consecutively.
  • Most recently, they were given as one of numerous possible Wurm 12th anniversary gifts to premium players on June 5, 2018. Three special gift box fragments had to be archaeologically found and combined to make the fireworks.