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Chat & event boxes


The chat window is in the lower left corner by default. This is where a player talks (types) in local, kingdom, village (when a citizen on a deed), and private messages (PM). To close a private conversation or kingdom chat, click the small X in the upper right corner of the window. Local chat cannot be closed.

  • The chat window's shortcut key is t.
  • Some of the chat windows may be disabled via the profile window.
  • The purple start-up messages displayed when connecting to the game may be disabled via the profile window.


Local is a channel for players within about 320 meters (80 tiles) radius from your position. The local channel is close to free speech, but you may not use offensive language, such as racist, sexist, and homophobic comments, or talk about illegal drugs or substances. Both Blacklighters and Whitelighters can talk here. It is possible for players to be within the 80 tile radius and not appear in the list of names if they are stealthed or inside a mine, upon walking into the mine of where a player is located the local distance is then lowered to 20 tiles. Note that if you do not want to receive messages from a certain player, use (/ignore <name>) to stop their comments from being seen.


Whether a member of Jenn-Kellon, Horde of the Summoned, Freedom, or Mol-Rehan, kingdom chat is a way for a player to speak to all online members of the same kindom on the same server. To talk in kingdom when the window isn't open, use /shout: "/shout Look out for the truck!" It is toggled by managing the setting in your profile.


Global chat is used to talk across all maps to people belonging to your kingdom. If located on Freedom it will be listed as GL-Freedom and as MR on Epic GL-Mol Rehan. It is toggled by managing the setting in your profile. To send a message, use /gshout <message>.

CA Help

The Community Assistant Help chat is available on all servers except for Chaos on the Freedom cluster and Elevation on the epic cluster. You may ask questions in this channel, or answer questions asked by other players. If a Community Assistant (CA) is currently online on your server, their name will appear in the list on the right-side of the panel. An empty list should not discourage asking questions as a CA may be online on a different server, as well as helpful players that may also know the answer to your question.

On the Epic cluster, each home server has its own CA Help. On the Freedom cluster, CA Help is for all Freedom/PVE servers: Cadence, Celebration, Deliverance, Exodus, Harmony, Independence, Melody Pristine, Release, Xanadu.

You may toggle CA Help by managing the setting in your profile.

Russian Help/German Help/Non-English Help

These are channels made for Non-English speaking players to ask for help from others and to look for groups or villages who speak their language. Please keep talk in these channels to game questions and answers and requests for groups. All chat rules apply. If there is a problem that needs moderation, please let a CA/CM know in CA Help. You may toggle Help chats by managing the setting in your profile.

Это каналы, предназначенные для игроков, не говорящих по-английски, чтобы просить о помощи у других и искать группы или деревни, говорящие на их языке. Пожалуйста, продолжайте обсуждать в этих каналах вопросы и ответы по игре, а также запросы групп. Применяются все правила чата. Если возникает проблема, требующая модерации, сообщите об этом CA / CM в справке CA. Вы можете переключать чаты справки, управляя настройкой в ​​своем profile.

Dies sind Kanäle für nicht englischsprachige Spieler, um andere um Hilfe zu bitten und nach Gruppen oder Dörfern zu suchen, die ihre Sprache sprechen. Bitte sprechen Sie in diesen Kanälen weiter, um Fragen und Antworten sowie Anfragen für Gruppen zu erhalten. Es gelten alle Chat-Regeln. Wenn es ein Problem gibt, das behoben werden muss, informieren Sie bitte einen CA / CM in der CA-Hilfe. Sie können Hilfe-Chats umschalten, indem Sie die Einstellung in Ihrem Profile verwalten.

Są to kanały stworzone dla graczy nie mówiących po angielsku, aby prosić o pomoc innych i szukać grup lub wiosek, które mówią w ich języku. Prosimy o dalsze rozmawianie na tych kanałach, aby uzyskać odpowiedzi na pytania i odpowiedzi oraz prośby dla grup. Obowiązują wszystkie zasady czatu. Jeśli wystąpi problem wymagający moderacji, poinformuj o tym CA / CM w pomocy CA. Możesz przełączać czaty Pomocy, zarządzając ustawieniami w swoim profile.

Estos son canales creados para que los jugadores que no hablan inglés pidan ayuda a otros y busquen grupos o pueblos que hablen su idioma. Continúe hablando en estos canales sobre preguntas y respuestas de juegos y solicitudes de grupos. Se aplican todas las reglas del chat. Si hay un problema que necesita moderación, infórmeselo a un CA / CM en la Ayuda de CA. Puede alternar los chats de ayuda administrando la configuración en su profile.

Estes são canais feitos para jogadores que não falam inglês para pedir ajuda de outras pessoas e procurar grupos ou vilas que falam sua língua. Continue falando nestes canais para perguntas e respostas de jogos e pedidos de grupos. Todas as regras de chat se aplicam. Se houver um problema que precise de moderação, informe um CA / CM na Ajuda do CA. Você pode alternar os bate-papos de Ajuda gerenciando a configuração em seu profile.

Ce sont des canaux conçus pour que les joueurs non anglophones demandent de l'aide aux autres et recherchent des groupes ou des villages qui parlent leur langue. S'il vous plaît, continuez à parler dans ces canaux pour les questions et réponses de jeu et les demandes de groupes. Toutes les règles de chat s'appliquent. Si un problème nécessite une modération, veuillez en informer un CA / CM dans l'aide de CA. Vous pouvez basculer les chats d'aide en gérant le paramètre dans votre profile.

Bunlar, İngilizce bilmeyen oyuncuların başkalarından yardım istemeleri ve kendi dillerini konuşan grupları veya köyleri aramaları için oluşturulmuş kanallardır. Soruları, cevapları ve gruplar için istekleri oynamak için lütfen bu kanallarda konuşmaya devam edin. Tüm sohbet kuralları geçerlidir. Denetlenmesi gereken bir sorun varsa, lütfen CA Yardım'da bir CA / CM'ye bildirin. Profile ayarınızı yöneterek Yardım sohbetlerini açıp kapatabilirsiniz.


The Trade chat tab is chat used for advertising your intent to sell (WTS), buy (WTB), trade (WTT), or desire to price check something (PC). It is currently divided into North and South clusters. Only messages that begin with the abbreviations WTS, WTB, WTT, or PC are displayed in the chat window. When replying, you may use @<Playername> which will send a message to the tab that can only be seen by that player. You may also use a private message to reply. You can toggle this tab on and off in your profile settings.

  • Blue text colour indicates that a player is on the same server as yourself.
  • A darker blue text colour indicates that a player has mentioned your name.


If a member of a village, the village chat can be opened using /village, followed by the message. All members of a village who are currently logged in will get the messages sent here.


Alliance chat is seen by all villagers that live in a city belonging to an alliance. Upon server login it automatically comes up with your local chat.


Right-click someone and select Team-up. This will open a separate chat channel. See team for details.

Private Message

To talk to only one player, use /tell or /t. For example:

/tell [Player Name] Hello, can you help me?
/t [Player Name] Hello, can you help me?

To ignore somebody, use /ignore, followed by their name. Unignoring is accomplished the same way: /ignore (without a name) shows a list of ignored players (if any).

Private message alert sounds may be controlled via the settings, under the sounds tab, where you can enable a sound alert when you receive a message. It is disabled by default. This sound will play at the moment a tab starts flashing red. If a tab is already flashing red and you receive another PM on that tab, it will not play the sound again.

You may manage private message settings in your profile.

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