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Steel and Flint
A Steel and Flint
  • 1x Steel and flint (0.40 kg)
Skill and improvement


A piece of sharp flint and a steel handle, which will produce sparks when struck against each other.

Steel and flint is a tool used to light campfires, candles, charcoal piles, forges, lamps, lanterns, ovens, and torches.


  • The quality of the flint affects success chance when creating.
  • The quality of the steel lump affects the quality of the finished steel and flint.
  • Neither the flint nor the steel lump need to be glowing hot to begin creation.


To light something up, activate the steel and flint, right-click the item you want to light up and select 'Light'.

To snuff a candle, lamp, lantern or torch, right-click it, and select 'Snuff'.


  • A 50 Quality version of this item is included in the beginner tool pack. This steel and flint is kept upon PvE death.
  • Use of the steel and flint to ignite any kind of fire gives firemaking skill.