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Fishing rod
A Fishing rod
Total materials
  • Fishing rod (1.507 kg)
Skill and improvement


A long fishing pole with eyelets.


A fishing rod is a tool used for fishing.

  • A fishing rod contains an empty fishing reel slot.

A fishing rod will change its name and type depending on the reel it holds:

Light fishing rod

Medium fishing rod

Deep water fishing rod

Professional fishing rod

Legacy fishing rod

If the fishing rod does not contain an empty fishing reel slot, it is a legacy version. It will not work for fishing, and you will need to upgrade it with right-click > Upgrade.

  • Doing so will turn it into a fishing pole with a basic fishing line and wooden fishing hook.
  • Any enchantments on the rod will transfer to the upgraded pole.
  • When converting from the legacy upgraded rod to the Light Fishing Rod, rarity will transfer but enchants do NOT.
  • A legacy fishing rod's examine text reads: A long pole with a string and a hook made of wood and a small stone as a sink.

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