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Floor board
A Floor board
Total materials
  • 1 Floor board (10.30 kg)
Skill and improvement


A carpentry item used to create wooden flooring.


  • Activate the floor boards, right click a dirt or marsh tile, and select "Lay floor".
Note: Floor boards outside houses decay fast (tiles change to dirt).
  • Floor boards are useful for removing marsh tiles:
Pave the marsh tile with floor boards. Equip a shovel, right-click on the tile, and select "Destroy pavement". Body strength of 20 and 10 digging skill is required to destroy pavement.
If you don't have the necessary skills to destroy pavement, wait for the floor boards to decay, the tile will be dirt.


  • Paving skill is used to apply a floor board.


  • Plank quality determines the success rate.
  • The plank and large nails used to start the floor board are damaged if the creation attempt fails. Subsequent planks will also get damaged if they fail to attach to the floor boards.
  • Finished floor boards take up quite a lot of space, it is advised to haul them around unfinished, seeing as those take up nearly no space.
  • Applying tar to a floor board after it has been paved will help reduce decay on the floor board. To use tar on a floor board, activate the tar in your inventory, select a paved floor board, and then select "Tar". Examining a correctly tarred floor board will display the message: "You see some planks laid down by someone. They are protected from the environment by a thin layer of tar."
    • Tarred floor boards have a slightly darker texture
  • You cannot Lay Floor on packed dirt. Use a shovel or a rake to Cultivate the square.

Total materials needed