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A Flowerbed
Total materials
  • Flowerbed
Skill and improvement

A flowerbed filled with long-stemmed orange-red flowers with thick, pointy leaves.


A flowerbed is a decorative structure that can be built on tile borders.


  • To create a flowerbed, you need to have all materials in your inventory.
  • Activate a flower, right-click a tile border and select "Plant flowerbed".
  • All materials will be consumed at once.
  • The flowerbed can not be improved, use materials as high quality as possible to make it last.
  • You can water a flowerbed with any container that holds water to reduce its decay.
  • When creating at least one side must not be paved. "You cannot plant a flowerbed there."
  • They do not take damage on settlements.


Variety of flowerbeds
Orange-Red : Yellow : Blue : Greenish-Yellow :
Orangered flowerbed.jpg Yellow flowerbed.jpg Blue flowerbed.jpg Greenishyellow flowerbed.jpg
White : Purple : White-Dotted :
White flowerbed.jpg Purple flowerbed.jpg Whitedotted flowerbed.jpg