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A Gravestone
  • Gravestone (20.00kg)
Skill and improvement


A gravestone to mark the final resting place of someone important.


  • With a shovel and gravestone in your inventory, activate the gravestone and right click the corpse on the ground. The corpse will be buried and the gravestone planted in its place. By activating a stone chisel an inscription may be made by right clicking the planted gravestone.
  • Once planted it can not be picked up or improved.
  • Can only be moved and turned with the Move right-click options.
  • When dropped it lays flat on the ground.
  • The default name of the planted gravestone is that of the buried corpse, however it may be renamed.
  • Maximum inscription length is 2 characters for every 1 full quality of the gravestone.
  • The markings on the stone translate to: respawn alreadi. It is spelled with an i because there is no y in the Futhark language.
  • The gravestone must be bashed to be removed.
  • Repairing requires no specific activated item.
  • Can be created using stone, marble, sandstone, or slate.