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Guard tower
A Guard tower
Total materials
  • Guard tower
Skill and improvement


A high guard tower.

Guard tower is used for defensive purposes. It spawns tower guards who are hostile to enemy kingdoms and aggressive animals.


  • At 25 masonry skill, with 8ql bricks and 18ql clay, the chance to start a guard tower is roughly 44%.
  • Failing to start or continue, the material(s) used will be damaged.
  • You cannot create a guard tower inside a building.
  • Guard towers take up one tile, but will overlap about half a tile in a 3x3 tile area around the central tile.
  • When attaching the last piece, make sure you are facing the tile you wish the tower to be created on. Guard towers can be rotated by the creator, so the initial rotation doesn't matter. They cannot be pushed or pulled.
  • Guard towers on Freedom servers can't be constructed in a radius of 50 tiles of another guard tower.
    • Error message when too close: You can't continue the tower now; another tower is too near.
    • Towers on PVP may be built minimum 150 tiles from another kingdom, or 60 tiles if you are within your own kingdom.
A guard tower on the Freedom Isles up close.

Influence on PVP Servers

A tower will create at least 60 tiles of kingdom influence, unless it is at the edge of opposing territory. There are also "hidden zones." Hidden zones are areas that mysteriously increase the influence radius of an altar or tower by an unusual amount. Hidden zones are most commonly found on mountains or sometimes lakes. There are also hidden zones in places around the world, sometimes small, sometimes large. Hidden zones have been known to add up to an extra 20 tiles on a altar's presence and sometimes up to 100 tiles on a tower's influence.


  • Guard towers can be destroyed with a weapon, only by the builder of the tower or if it is on deed where permissions allow it.
  • Mayor can bash Guard tower without having 21 body strength
  • Warning: The builder has the chance to destroy a tower in one hit.


  • For each 10 QL of the tower, it will spawn 1 tower guard, up to 5 guards.
  • A rare guard tower over 60 ql will spawn 1 extra tower guard, allowing up to 6 guards.
  • A supreme guard tower over 70 ql will spawn 2 extra tower guards, allowing up to 7 guards.

Range and Response

  • Guards will respond to a help call if the creature is within 20 tiles of the guard tower, not of the guards.
    • The monster needs to be within 20 tiles of the tower but you can call the guards as long as you are in local range of the tower (80 tiles).
    • This can be done by saying either "help" or "guards!" in Local chat within range of a guard tower, after which the guards will attack your current target.
      • The text to call the guards MUST be typed in all lowercase letters to work.
      • 2 guards respond per call, but you can call for more 10 seconds later.


  • When created the tower will be assigned a name in the form of "Creator name" "Random number", the name is not unique so multiple towers can have the same name.
  • Tower guards attack players of an enemy kingdom automatically.
  • A guard tower that is on a deed will also attack KoS players, assisting any spirit templars that the deed may have.
  • They will not automatically hunt other hostile creatures within their range; rather, they will only do so when ordered to by a player.
  • The guard tower increases kingdom influence, depending on the allegiance (loyalty to a particular kingdom) of the player who started building the tower.
  • They do not attack enemy guards from the same town during a PMK switch over and not when called on each others (as they are all non-aggressive).
  • Do not build fences on the tile borders of the center tile of a guard tower. Although the fence may be built, it will eventually be destroyed. House walls will withstand a tower's influence, however.
  • Cannot be constructed inside caves.
  • Guards respawn.