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Tower guard
A Tower guard
No, this creature is unable to be tamed.
No, this creature is unable to be dominated.
No, this creature cannot be groomed.
No, this creature cannot be ridden.
No, this creature cannot swim.
Butchering produces
Meat type
Guard tower
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A female tower guard.
A tower at Halloween in Wurm Online

This person seems to be able to put up some resistance. These guards will help defend you if you say help.

Tower guard is a NPC that spawns at a guard tower. Tower guards are aggressive against those from the other kingdoms, outlaws, and hostile animals that you ask them to attack.

  • If you butcher them, you can get human meat and lose alignment.
  • They usually die by the time they are "aged".
  • Alignment is not lost if you kill them.

For every 10 quality of the tower you will get one guard. The minimum quality required to get a tower guard is 10. There is a maximum of 5 tower guards per tower; any increase in QL above 50 has no impact on numbers and strength of guards, though it will make your tower harder to destroy.

You can ask tower guards to attack a hostile animal that is attacking you (that you are targeting), by typing "help" or "guards!" in Local chat window (this is case sensitive and must be all lower case in order to call the guards.)

Guards will not attack creatures that are not normally aggro, even if they are attacking you, such as deer or unicorns.

Fight Skill

  • Tower guards have ~35-40 fighting skill. They are stronger than brown bears and scorpions, but a lot weaker than village spirit guards.
  • They can gain or lose fighting skill.
  • The limit is either twice or half the initial skill, whether they kill or get killed a lot.


You can equip tower guards with weapons, shields and other items. They will remain on the corpse on death. Anyone from the same kingdom can remove these items.


During Halloween, the tower guard model is usually changed to something spooky. Despite their spookiness, the guards remain harmless to allies.


  • It is useful to bind calling help to a key. To do this - Press F1 to open console and type in bind key "say help". Replace 'key' with the key you wish to bind it to. That key will call the tower guards unless it is rebound. Additionally, as long as the text consists of "help" or "guards!" it can be customized for fun. Example, "guards! Kill this thief!"
  • Target needs to be within a 20 tile radius of a Tower for guards to respond. If the target is within 15 tiles of the tower, the guards will always respond. At maximum distance only one guard arrives per call for help. Distance between you and the Target does not matter, nor does the distance between guard and Target/You.
  • Guards will not answer calls for help against targets inside caves, unless they themselves are inside that cave and target is within tower range.
  • Guards stuck inside caves most often won't respond to calls for help on the surface. To prevent guards from entering caves, place mine doors on all nearby entrances.
  • Guards can walk through locked gates.
  • Calling guards more than once can help as more will respond. This is because upon requesting help, only two will answer and the rest stay available to help with a different creature or to provide additional support to the guards already helping the player. The second request for help will call more guards if there are any more available, and can be done after 10 seconds.
  • Guards automatically attack nearby KoS and hostile players. Such player needs to be maximum few tiles away from the guard, distance to tower doesn't seem to matter. Guards are very fast and relentless, they may chase you hundreds of tiles away and will continue even if you leave KoS deed area.