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A Hammer
  • Hammer (1.40 kg)
Skill and improvement
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A hammer with a metal head, and a wooden shaft.

A hammer is a tool used to plan and continue building many structures such as houses or fences. It may even be used in the destruction of items or used as a basic weapon.


  • To use a hammer to plan a house first activate the hammer and right click on the prepared tile and select Plan building. To plan a fence do exactly the same on a tile border but select Fence then pick your desired plan.
  • To destroy or bash with a hammer first activate it then right click on the object and select Bash, Destroy fence or Wall - Destroy wall, depending on the object.
  • A hammer may be required for improving some items, such as those created through blacksmithing. Simply activate the hammer and right click on the glowing item and select Hammer.
  • Viewing slope heights while hovering over a tile border when activated
  • Modifying plain stone walls into the trimmed, Stone wall variant.

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