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Any player who follows one of the "White Light Gods": Fo, Magranon, Vynora, or Nahjo.

A player can become a Whitelighter if he or she journeys to the Altar of Three on the wild server, or joins either of the White Light kingdoms: Jenn-Kellon or Mol-Rehan. Players on the Freedom servers are restricted to the White Light Gods, and so could similarly be considered Whitelighters.


  • As Whitelighters can follow a greater number of Gods, it could be argued that they collectively (through teamwork) have access to a greater variety of spells and enchantments than Blacklighters; if they should later choose to become priests or priestesses.


  • Unlike the Blacklighters the White Light Gods frown on many sorts of actions, the least of which being theft, all the way to the dank pit of sin known as cannibalism. While this may not make much of a difference to someone who would follow these "virtues" to the letter, for someone who enjoys the darker things in life the rules laid down by the White Lighters can feel too constrained, and often leaves the person either; causing problems in their social circles due to their difference in moral values, and in more extreme circumstances a full renunciation of their White Light Religion.

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