Marble slab right staircase

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Marble slab right staircase
A Marble slab right staircase
  • Activate Trowel
  • Right-click planned staircase
  • Open menu > Build > Marble slab right staircase
Total materials
  • Marble slab right staircase
Skill and improvement


It is a normal right staircase made of marble slab.


Used to move between floors in a building.


Skill Requirements

Follows the same requirements for multi-story housing and stone flooring:

  • 40 Paving required to start and continue.
  • 21 Carpentry required to plan a staircase on the first floor. See multi-story housing for additional skill requirements per floor.


You must right-click on a finished Floor with a hammer, mallet, or trowel and select Build staircase with opening above to create a planned staircase. Be careful not to create one against a wall, at the top or bottom level, as it's impossible to pass. Should you become stuck, the writ holder may rotate the staircase to help you exit the confinement.

Materials to start


One of each remaining material is required for each continue action.


  • May be rotated by the writ holder.
  • Vehicles may not be commanded up staircases, only those that can be dragged can ascend to another floor.
  • Animals may not be led or ridden up staircases.
  • Pulling or pushing an object over the opening may send it to an undesired floor.
  • You cannot use haul up or haul down with a staircase.

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