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Wurm has series of ever-changing missions which make up a scenario. As scenario and mission go hand in hand, they are both explained here.

Scenarios and missions

These are the power struggles of gods in which players can contribute. This is done by helping spirits (by participating in missions) that can travel between Valrei, the home of the gods, and the game world where the players live. The gods are looking for "collectible tokens" and have a movement of 1 step for every 3 real life days, unless they are in a labyrinth. Completing missions can help speed this up.

The required number of missions in order to help your deity move is one per server belonging to your kingdom template. Only missions completed on the Epic servers count towards the Scenario – missions on Freedom are for entertaining the gods only.

You can view the current status of avatars in their mission by viewing the in-game Valrei map.

When a deity has "enough" collectables and returns to the starting point that god wins the power struggle, the scenario ends and the winner receives bonuses and/or may punish the others with some cataclysmic event (the amount of collectables needed seems to be unknown, so there's no way you can see their progress). The best way to describe it is a race, however there is no way of knowing how far ahead or behind one deity is from their competition.

There are also "source tokens" and "Immortals". Source tokens are not collectibles but items (for example the golden feathers) that give their carrier bonuses in fighting the Immortals. Immortals are the pawns on the map and are immortal for various reasons; they are not gods themselves but a kind of demi-god. Some Immortals are allies of the real gods. The collectible tokens and source tokens are the vases on the map.

The missions

There are many different missions and tasks available.

Some examples are:

  • Creating a foundation pillar, pylon or other feat.
  • Sacrificing a certain number of animals or decent quality items. Decent quality means at least 30 ql.
  • Locating hidden items.
  • Cutting down a tree in a specific location.
  • Killing a certain number of animals.

Many of the descriptions so far have been very vague. For example: the specifications of some missions, such as creating a foundation pillar, have been apparently unattainable at first glance. The cave has to have enough height yet there is no means to measure a vertical tile edge. The cave also has to be flat while there are no border tiles to gauge this.


  • Anyone who works towards the completion of a mission gets 30 minutes of sleep bonus, provided that the mission has completed successfully. For other factors that may result in sleep bonus not being given, please see the talk page.
  • The god for which the mission applied moves faster, giving them a greater chance to collect tokens.

You may be rewarded with demi-god status on the Epic server cluster, if your deity has collected the cherry token from the game board. If this happens, the player will become an ally of their deity, and guard a random area on the game board like the existing immortals. If the demi-god survives long enough for their deity to win another scenario with the cherry token, there is the chance that they will be raised to full godhood, becoming a deity in their own right. If this happens, the player-god will have it's own religion enabled for other players to follow, complete with spells. The player-god can also move around the board in the same manner as the existing gods.

Demi-god and deity player accounts will remain playable, and full godhood grants the title Ascended.