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Scenario description

Scenarios are only active on the epic servers.

On Valrei, the deities compete for a number of rare items. One such competition is a scenario. When a deity has found the number of items required to win the scenario (usually half) and brought them to the target location, the scenario is won and ends. The god will then give your side bonuses or the enemy sides penalties. These bonuses and penalties can be terraforming events, volcanos, meteors, skill bonuses etc.

Valrei map

You can follow the progress of the deities on the in-game Valrei map or on the official twitter feed reflecting the progress of the gods.

Deity movement & Missions explanation

On a normal hexagon a deity will move once every 3 days if not assisted by players. The deity will move when the move timer is up, and doing more than one mission will reduce the time to move. There are slow and trap tiles that will increase movement timer, and trap tiles may cost the deity some vitality.

A deity will give the players missions that they can complete to help the deity. Two missions are required to be finished for a deity to recieve help. Doing missions may give the deity a small strength or vitality buff as well. The missions are designed to be performed by a number of players based on the current active “base kingdom” (HOTS, MR and JK as template) population on a server in order to succeed. Sometimes the task will be too hard though, and sometimes it will require only one player to perform something simple on a remote location.

Participants in missions will receive 30 minutes of sleep bonus providing at the time of reward they have less than 4 hours remaining. They will also get 1 battlerank, and karma/scenario points proportional to the amount of help given towards completing the mission. Just helping complete it will give the karma/scenario points, the mission only has to be completed for the sleep bonus and battlerank.

When a deity loses a fight against another deity or immortal, it will drop any collectibles in its possession and respawn at its home square.

Some hexagons will offer strength or vitality buffs.

The mission spawn time and expire time are in your own timezone.

New mission will spawn when the previous mission is either completed or expires.

Spell effect bonuses

Deites will give out certain spell effects when they have received help. They can also remove these spell effects from the opposing gods. These are based on your kingdom's deity, not the religion you follow.

  • Spirit Stamina: Stamina regain is faster
  • Spirit Fervor: Gives 1 CR
  • Spirit Favor: Favour regain is faster

Deities allegiances


Immortals are other creatures living on Valrei. Some are friendly to the deities.

  • Nogump the Dirty, a fairly friendly giant whose stupidity makes him a bit dangerous. Friend of Vynora.
  • Jackal is the ally of Magranon. He’s a trickster and apparently looks quite a bit like a Jackal. Jackal is also a moon you can see from ingame.
  • The Deathcrawler is an undead creature who looks like a giant crayfish with a mummified human-like head.
  • The Dirtmaw Giant is a slobbering, aggressive giant whos main goal in life is to trample things and keep his plains flat.
  • Walnut is also called the Treekeeper. His home holds a cherrytree whose berries give the power of immortality, which is what gives him his nickname.
  • Pharmakos, aka The Expelled, is the ally of Libila. He is a tall, pale creature with parchment-like skin who spends his time with alchemy and mystical experiments.
  • The Scavenger is a black beast who roams the Wintertree Hills, searching for and devouring any sort of living or dead meat that enters the region.

Source tokens

Source tokens can be collected by the deities to boost their attacks on other deities

Player demigods

When a deity wins a scenario there’s a chance that he receives cherries that the spirits have stolen from the Treekeeper. This means that a player may receive the possibility to become immortal.

First the player becomes a demigod. He will become an ally to his deity and protect a random square.

If the demigod survives long enough for the same deity to win again and have the luck to receive more cherries, he will become a full deity with a religion of his own for other players to join. The religion receives a totally random set of spells from the existing ones. Also, when that happens the deity will start moving around freely on Valrei in the hunt for collectibles.

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