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Main / Religion / Spells / Fo spells / Oakshell


Faith: 35
Favor: 20
Difficulty: 19
Target: Creature
Casting time: 9 seconds


Fo, Nahjo


Oakshell is a spell given to priests of Fo and Nahjo at 35 faith. It temporarily increases the target's damage resistance, causing them to take less damage for a time. It can be cast on oneself, other players, or creatures.

As armour, Oakshell has a maximum damage reduction of 70% and a maximum glance rate decreased of 33.3%. These are maximum values and depend on the power of the cast.


  1. Activate a statuette of Fo
  2. Right-click on your body, another player, or a ceature
  3. Select Spells > Oakshell


  • On PvP servers, may only be cast on players.
  • Reduces the speed of hitched/ridden animals affected by the spell.
  • If the power of an Oakshell is above 70, it will grow into a Thornshell and cause wounds like Aura of Shared Pain where you wear no armor. The effect name won't change yet, though.
  • While equipped, armor will render Oakshell inactive on that particular body part.