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Main / Religion / Spells / Fo spells / Oakshell

A Oakshell

Faith: 35
Favor: 20
Difficulty: 19
Target: Creature
Casting time: 9 seconds


Only a Priest of Fo can cast this spell


Oakshell is a spell given to priests of Fo at 35 faith. It temporarily increases the target's damage resistance, causing them to take less damage for a time. It can be cast on oneself, other players, or creatures.

As armour, Oakshell has a maximum damage reduction of 70% and a maximum glance rate decreased of 33.3%. These are maximum values and depend on the power of the cast.

Oakshell applies its armour value over cloth and leather if active. However other armour will render Oakshell inactive on that particular body part.


  1. Activate a statuette of Fo
  2. Right-click on your body, another player, or a ceature
  3. Select Spells > Oakshell


  • On PvP servers, may only be cast on players.
  • Reduces the speed of hitched/ridden animals affected by the spell.
  • If the power of an Oakshell is above 70, it will grow into a Thornshell and cause wounds like Aura of shared pain where you wear no armour. The effect name won't change, though.