Rotting touch

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Rotting touch
Rotting touch

Faith: 33
Favor: 40
Difficulty: 60
Target: Item
Casting time: 20 seconds
Cooldown time: 0 minutes


Only a Priest of Libila can cast this spell


This spell enables the item cast upon to cause more damage to people. Unlike Flaming aura and Frostbrand, which cause extra damage in additional wounds, the extra damage from a Rotting touch weapons stacks with the base damage from the weapon into one wound. Rotting touch is available to priests with at least 33 faith. It costs 40 favor to cast. Rotting touch makes weapons slightly more brittle, and causes them to take more damage.


Additional Information

The additional damage type caused by Rotting touch is extremely difficult to heal by conventional first aid. Healing covers are often a necessity on RT wounds, as they degrade much faster than normal wounds, rumored to increase in potency as much as 2-3x the normal rate per server tick. In contrast to Flaming aura, RT deals larger amounts of damage over an extended period of time, likely after the fight is well and truly finished. It hinges purely on the hope that the opponent cannot heal the wounds caused by RT, however - where FA simply causes a larger lump of damage at the time. RT wounds stack much more viciously than FA wounds however, and are far deadlier as higher level wounds. A severe RT wound can kill a person if it is allowed to tick only once. RT wounds continue to damage for several ticks after the wound is made unless you either heal the wound completely or place a Healing cover with a potency greater than the wound's severity.