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Main / Skills / Carpentry / Fine carpentry / Pavilion

A Pavilion
Total materials
  • Pavilion 2.5kg
Skill and improvement


A pleasant open air tent designed for various kinds of gatherings.


Upon starting the pavilion will appear on the ground but may be picked up. It may be continued in the inventory or while on the floor. Once complete it will be placed on the floor but may be picked up again. Failing to attach will damage the additional material.


  • Pavilions do not have an owner in the same manner as other tents so may be picked up by anyone as any other item.
  • They can not be moved, only picked up, however a corner will be positioned directly opposite the direction you are facing with the straight sides to your left and right.
  • You cannot repair but can mend pavilions.
  • Pavilions can be placed on deeds or on perimeters, but can not be secured.
  • Unlike tents, pavilions cannot be used as a spawn point, temporary storage, or as a hitching post for one animal.
  • Can not be dyed/painted, but you can attach a color rune