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The Distant But Jovial Landowner


Mthec joined Wurm Online, on the 13th May 2009, with Kelron and together they formed the first wave of players from the PC Gamer community. After a few days getting started with the game they started the first PCG Village on Golden Valley, not far from the, then, incomplete Colossus of Zephyr. (Sorry for the intrusion Zephyr.) After a couple of months, during which time he helped build the initial wing of the PCG Village, leapt down slopes away from the deadly bears that inhabited the hill (and Mthec's garden) that the village was situated on, and helped guide a party of Rock Paper Shotgun readers when they first joined, the community hadn't taken hold and Mthec decided to stop playing. After a short break, Mthec rejoined the game after a mention in PC Gamer brought in some new players who would go on to form the main community in the game, and become one of the largest groups on Golden Valley.

Several months went by and talk amongst the wider community had turned to the topic of non-premium players on the Freedom server. The PC Gamer community also started discussing the topic and players started peeling off to head to the greener valleys of Independence. When the main bulk of the players had moved over Mthec decided to follow suit. On a probably misguided wish to not unduly influence the growth of the community, and a wish to have some space for his own projects and ideas, he decided to build his own settlement further down Colossus Lake from the PCG Freedom Village.

After completing construction of The Distant But Jovial Landowner, Mthec turned to other projects. He was asked to help assist with what was to become the first Colossus Lake canal, situated on the North West corner of the lake, heading out to sea. It was during this project that Mthec was introduced to Cerber, as they spent months depleting the iron veins in the canal. Today they are working on a new canal, with lofty goals in mind...


[Farmer], [Crofter], [Carpenter], [Handyman], [Tim the Toolman], [Trollslayer], [Digger], [Excavator], [Miner], [Prime Minester], [Mason], [Gardener], [Smith]
Path of Love - Splendid

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Life and Death - IKEA Market (43x 16y)

Current Projects

  • Colossus Lake Canal No. 2