Potion of carpentry

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Potion of carpentry
A Potion of carpentry
  • 1 Potion of carpentry (0.10 kg)
Skill and improvement


A small flask containing an [sic] brown smoky fluid.

The potion of carpentry can be created by mixing blood with a source salt. To see the type of potion that would be made, choose "Alchemy > Lore" (requires at least 10 natural substances skill). To make the potion of carpentry, choose "Alchemy > Mix".

Mixing this potion has a difficulty of 20. Skill level in alchemy determines the chance of successfully creating the potion.

Potion created by mixing black dragon blood with source salt.


In order to imbue an item with the effects of the potion of carpentry you must activate the potion, right click the item, and choose "Alchemy > Imbue". An example of event window text while imbuing:

[18:01:39] You start to smear the potion of carpentry on the carving knife.
[18:01:58] You imbue a carving knife with a potion of carpentry.
[18:01:58] The carving knife will now be more effective when used for the specific purpose.

As an example, this text was listed upon examination of the carving knife:

[18:05:31] It has been imbued with special abilities, and it improves carpentry max ql [9]

  • The entire potion is consumed upon imbuement of an item.
  • Potion quality appears to affect the strength of the potion's imbuement, not skill in natural substances.


Potions obtainable by mixing unique's blood and a source salt were introduced to the game on the second of June, 2014 coinciding with the respawning of unique creatures across all servers. At first, upon switching servers blood became generic blood and crafted this item instead of the intended potion.