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  • Although rope bridges can be only one tile wide, they function as any other bridge and can be passed over by large carts and wagons.
  • Uses ropemaking skill. See skill requirements for exact levels.
  • Unlike other bridges, rope bridges sag down in the middle, sagging less when the planner has more body strength. This can make them impractical over shallow areas, or between areas with significant difference in height.
Rope Bridge sag (3%-12%)
Body Strength Sag %
1 12
10 11
20 10
30 9
40 8
50 7
60 6
70 5
80 4
90 3

Construction--Parts of the Bridge

Rope bridge crown

The center parts of a rope bridge. It is a bridge crown made of rope.

Total items required

Rope bridge abutment

The section of the bridge that connects to the ground. A structure made with rope and built to support the lateral pressure of a span of a rope bridge.

Total items required

Rope bridge double abutment

Only used for one tile rope bridges. It is a bridge abutment made of rope. This section is only used for one tile long rope bridges.

Total items required


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