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Main / Skills / Woodcutting / Log

A Log
  • 1 log (up to 24.00 kg)
Skill and improvement


A log cleared of branches. Good for making planks or shafts from. It is made from...

Lumber trees

Old to overaged lumber trees create felled trees when cut down. Use a hatchet, axe or saw to 'Chop' them up into logs. Logs from felled trees come in 24 kg units, except for the last log of a tree, which usually weighs less since most trees do not have weights evenly divisible by 24. Shrivelled lumber trees give just one smaller (~5 kg) log, and young trees generally give nothing.

Fruit trees

Fruit trees when cut down give a single small log if mature to overaged, or a wood scrap if shrivelled.

Log Sizes from fruit trees
Old 3.2 kg
Very Old 4.8 kg
Overaged 5.6 kg

Shrubs and Bushes

Bushes do not give logs when chopped down. Instead they give a wood scrap. Oleander logs can be found at rifts.

Additional Notes

  • Logs are the result of felling and/or chopping up trees. You can also sometimes find them while foraging on Flotsam, Undergrowth and Rotting wood nodes.
  • Players can right-click logs and select 'Discard' to get rid of them immediately.
  • Logs can be stored in a bulk storage bin or crate but do not fit in chests.
  • Log quality is determined by several factors including the player's woodcutting skill and the quality of the tool used in cutting/creating the log. The quality of the tool used (hatchet, saw, etc) effectively governs the possibility that a higher quality log will be produced from other governing factors, woodcutting skill and others, in creation.