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Mol-Rehan Golden Valley settlement

This is a Mol-Rehan (white light) settlement on Golden Valley.

Outlaw's Village
We are the yellow submarine!

Undeeded settlement





The Outlaw's Village is a small community on Horde of the Summoned Lake on the Golden Valley Server, It used to be headed by Cyrusx, but however, on the date of Wednesday, April 15, 2009, most of the writs belonging to the village were transferred to JingleJangles. On Friday, May 8, 2009, the village was sold to Noobpwner as JingleJangles and the rest of the current Outlaws were moving to a premium server.

Please Note

The Outlaw's village is un-deeded but is currently looking for anyone who would be interesting in joining, simply send Noobpwner a PM!


The only resources belonging to the Outlaw's village are iron, wood, a well, and a nearby lake (HoTS lake)

Outlaw's also has some other veins, as well as a few farmpatches currently.

Outlaw's currently have three mines, one which is mapped Outlaws Village/HQ Mine|here


Battle of the Aged Scorpion

JingleJangles, Dragonpen, Thewittytraveler, Jade, Rhaen, Klownie, Noobpwner and two dogs all bravely took part in destroying the evil menace terrorizing the village.

Deadly Animal Spawn Week

Around Wednesday 10 Juny 2009 the deadly animals started respawning, having fought of a total of 90 animals so far the situation worsens as champ cave bugs spawn in the village and bear cavalries terrorize the outsides. In the meanwhile the village is slowly decaying its walls allowing for more hilarious chaos to ensue.


Here is a map as designed by Thewittytraveler


Below are screenshots outlaws11.jpg