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A Snowman
  • Snowman
Skill and improvement
  • Can be dyed using 1152g of paint.


A proper snowman is guarding this area.


  • Activate a charcoal, right-click on an empty grass tile that has the option to 'collect snow', and then select build snowman.
  • Can only be built during the winter, and will begin decaying in the spring.
  • Cannot be picked up but can be turned and moved.
  • Cannot be improved or repaired, but is automatically 90.0 ql when created.

Building Messages

When building a snowman, you will see this chain of event messages:

You start making a snowman.
You have now rolled the large bottom ball.
You have now rolled a smaller ball to use as the chest.
You have now created the head ball.
You use a couple of twigs for arms.
You start to assemble the snowman.
As a final touch you put the charcoal as eyes and the snowman comes to life!

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