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Main / Terrain / Grass tile

A Grass

Max flat speed: 11.14km/h
Terrain type: Natural
Player made: Can be
Underground: No


Naturally-occuring, flower planting, or thatch planting



Grass is one of the most common tile types in Wurm. You can find various berries and herbs by botanizing or foraging a grass tile. If flowers are present on a grass tile, you can harvest them with a sickle.

Grass can spread to dirt tiles next to grass tiles as fast as within 24 hours real life time. Grass can also spread from a tree tile to adjacent tiles.

Planting flowers on a dirt tile yields flowers and grass on success. Planting thatch also creates a grass tile. This can be useful for keeping pens grassy to feed animals like cows, bulls, horses and deer. This also builds your gardening skill without wasting valuable sprouts. Note that animals can quickly graze or stomp the tile into packed dirt though, losing the flowers and grass.

Planting a sprout also creates a tile that looks grassy, but animals cannot graze on tree tiles. If the tree or bush is cut down, the tile turns into a grass tile.

If you dig on a grass tile, you create a dirt tile. All the grass tiles surrounding the digged corner turn into dirt also.

You can pack grass tiles with a shovel to convert them to packed dirt, e.g. for faster movement or for preparing them to be cultivated into dirt or paved.

Priests of Fo have less stamina drain when traveling on grass.

Grass tiles are the only plantable tiles that can be used inside of a structure by planting thatch (planting flowers is not an option indoors).

Cut grass

Like reed and kelp, grass tiles grow to different lengths, and can be cut when tall enough. You can find the height of grass by examining the tile. Grass can be cut with a sickle, scythe, carving knife, butchering knife or shovel (and possibly more). When gathering grass, it is capped at 20ql when using any tool aside from a sickle or a scythe.

Cutting grass will yield the following amounts of mixed grass:

  • Medium - 1
  • Tall - 2
  • Wild - 3