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Starvation is the state a player enters into after losing all of their 8 fat reserves, or layers. A player gradually loses fat layers by fasting - not keeping their food bar above 84% for a period of time. Once all fat layers are used up, the player will no longer be able to fast and the food bar will drop to 0%. To reverse this loss of fat, stay above 84% food bar for a while by eating food.


Fasting usually occurs when only 6-8% remains on the food bar. At this point, this message shows in the event window: "Your hunger goes away as you fast.". If player has fat layers, then each fast will reduce a player's nutrition by 20%, to a minimum of 10%, where it cannot drop any lower.

Fat Reserves

As a player is able eat food and reach 100% within their food bar, they will become "full". Over time, being "full" generates fat reserves on a player. To find out how many fat reserves you have, open the character window (Default C or P), then right-click and examine the dark body picture at the bottom left. Below is a list of what you will see, ranked from lowest to highest number of fat reserves.

  • only skin and bones
  • very thin
  • a bit under nourished
  • normal build
  • well defined
  • a bit round
  • extremely well nourished
  • good reserves of fat


  • Players will stop fasting at "a bit under nourished".
  • Being "fat" does not affect your body strength.
  • Starvation itself will not kill a player.