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A player status effect is the individual condition a player is assigned based on his/her interactions with the physical world. These range from conditions to do with hunger, to buffs from potions or trinkets, to debuffs from wounds sustained by fighting or recent activities. These statuses show on the bottom of the event window, and since the 1.2 patch, as icons in a new window at the top right of the screen. The known statuses are as follows:

Status Description
Defensive When player is in defensive fighting mode. Increases parry and dodge rate but lowers hit damage.
Aggressive When player is in aggressive fighting mode. Increases damage but lowers dodge and parry rate.
Diseased Can occur after contact with diseased animals or players. Its effect is not known, but will go away with time.
Dry Below 7.5% water. Thirst greatly reduces stamina regeneration rate.
Energetic Appears when player has more than 90% stamina.
Exhausted 0% stamina. Movement slows to a crawl below 2% stamina. Greatly reduced hit/parry/evasion chance if fighting with this condition.
Faithful While player is faithful unable to perform actions player's god does not like. Can be toggled with the "Faithful" button on the event window.
Lawful While lawful player unable to perform any illegal acts such as theft. Can be toggled with the "Lawful" button on the event window.
Full Above 85% food. Having this status will slowly increase player's fat level.
Heal Resistance A timed penalty against healing. It is a side effect of the life-giving effects provided by life transfer on a weapon and other, similar buffs. Greater effect = greater resulting penalty timer.
Hungry Below 30% food. Slowed stamina regeneration rate.
Hurting Triggered when player takes damage through fighting, falling, or some other injury. Lowers walking speed and is suspected to give a slight attack speed debuff.
Intellect of the Enlightened "All skillgains are permanently increased by 25%, with the exception of Fighting skill." - Path of Knowledge level 11 perk.
Parched 0% water. Thirst greatly reduces stamina regeneration rate.
Sharp Triggered from drinking a potion. Increases combat rating for 30 seconds.
Thirsty Below 30% water. Thirst greatly reduces stamina regeneration rate.
Tired Below 30% stamina.
Unstoppable Triggered from using a Farwalker amulet or sometimes praying (priest only). Gives a huge speed increase and renders the player immune to thorn, lava, and fall damage for a short period of time. Also removes walking speed debuff from hurting.
Weak Below 15% stamina.
Faith Bonus* Increases when in your god or god types domain. Max at 55 when near an altar of your god. Give better casts.
Spirit Favor* Increased favor gain (unconfirmed). Gained from Completion of epic missions. Effects all followers of the affected god. (see Talk:Player_status_effect)
Spirit Speed* "Spirit Speed is a beneficial effect caused by religion" - Unknown effect
No skill loss "You will not lose any skill in non-combat skills when dying" - Path of Knowledge level 9 perk.
Stamina of the Vibrant Light "Reduces stamina loss by 30%" - Path of Power level 11 passive ability.

'* these are spell or religion effects

There are several status effects known to give bonuses (such as the Kingdom fighting bonus) without showing in status effects. Temporary status effects from gained from spells cast upon you will appear in the Spell Effects section of the skill window.

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