Thatched roof

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Thatched roof
A Thatched roof
Total materials

Thatched roof

Skill and improvement
  • You must have 1 thatch and 1 wire in inventory to start the roof.


A thatched roof for a building.


  • Requires 21 thatching skill to build.
  • Can be repaired and improved with planks.
  • A roof located on top of the 1st story of a building, otherwise called the 1st-floor roof, is technically built on the 2nd story and so the chart below reflects this for accuracy. (Example: a 1-story building has a roof, and that roof is located above the 1st floor as the 2nd story)

Skill Requirements

This section is a work in progress through recent experimentation. Please note the chart begins with the 2nd floor because the roof on top of the 1st floor is technically located on the 2nd floor.

Floor Thatching
2nd 21
3rd 22
4th 30
5th 40
6th 47
Floor Thatching
7th ?
8th ?
9th ?
10th ?
11th ?
Floor Thatching
12th ?
13th ?
14th ?
15th ?
16th ?