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A Thatch

Thatch (0.05 kg)

Skill and improvement

Main / Skills / Thatching / Thatch


A sheaf of grass stems, aligned together and of similar length.


  • Used in the creation of thatched roof.
  • Can be planted on a cultivated dirt tile to create a grass tile.
  • Grass tiles planted using thatch are the only plantable tiles that may be planted indoors.
  • Failure to make a thatch using .05 of mixed grass or reeds results in too little raw materials for a second try. This is due to round-off; combining two such raw materials that one failed with results in .09 raw material.
  • Combined mixed grass of greater than .05 will only use the required .05 per thatch created, so loss only occurs upon failure.
  • The maximum thatch quality is the quality of the mixed grass used, with exception of using a rare or greater leggat, which increases the maximum quality that is possible.
Pile of thatch