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Magranon is the deity of fighting for justice and freedom. His channeling item is a gold or silver statuette of Magranon.

Magranon's converting speech

Is your goal in life to achieve riches? To achieve freedom?

Who is stopping you? You are. Who will help you? Magranon will!

We, the followers of Magranon will stand at the top of the world one day and sing!

Together we will strive to rule the world. We will conquer all evil, build fantastic houses and live rich and glorious lives in them.

What is knowledge for if you do not use it? What use is compassion if you are hungry?

What are the alternatives?

Say yes to yourself! Say 'I will!' Your world will change, and you will change the world!

There are obstacles. People and forces will oppose us. Who will want to deny us all we strive for.

That force must be utterly defeated! No victory will be possible unless we cleanse the world of that evil.

Join our ranks. Help yourself reach the top!

Magranon's Inscription (Altar of Three)

Listen to the words of Magranon: What are you? Could you not be more?

I am the Fire and the Mountain. A sword is my symbol. I will help you rule the world.

You will conquer all evil, and live a rich and glorious life. One day you will stand at the top of the world and sing! What is knowledge for if you do not use it? What use is compassion if you are hungry?

Paths leading endlessly into the mist! What matters is power! First, power over self. Then, power over others. Say yes to yourself! Say 'I will!' Your world will change, and you will change the world!

Let me help. Together, nothing can stop us!


Each god has slightly different abilities and penalties. See the gods' individual pages for details. Below lists only the abilities and penalties of Magranon.

Magranon followers abilities and penalties

(See the follower page for details on being a follower)

Follower abilities

  • Receives Magranon domain bonuses while in Magranon's domain. See domain of the gods for more details about this.
  • At 20 faith and 20 favor, receives a 25% skillgain bonus to combat skills. Excludes weapon skills.

Follower penalties

  • Followers cannot raise faith above 30.
  • Alignment penalties.

Magranon priests abilities and penalties

(See the priest page for details on priest-hood)

Priest abilities

  • All abilities of Magranon followers.
  • Ability to cast Magranon spells (see below)
  • Priests of Magranon with 35 faith can walk on lava without taking damage.
  • Priests of Magranon with 40 faith and 20 favor receive a 25% bonus to damage dealt in combat.
  • Priests of Magranon with 60 faith and 30 favor are inspired in their deity's favored terrains and have less stamina drain there. Magranon priests get the bonus on rock, and priests belonging to Mol-Rehan get the bonus on sand as well.
  • Priests of Magranon with 60 faith 30 favor have a 75% chance to keep skills at death. Excludes fighting skill.
    • [14:23:28] Magranon is with you and keeps you safe from the spirit's touch.
  • Priests of Magranon with 70 faith and 35 favor have a 50% chance to keep items at death. (Similar to the resurrection stone)
    • [08:07:32] Magranon is with you and keeps your items safe!
  • Priests of Magranon receive double favor gains from sacrificing metal items.
  • Mining (Fo and Vynora priests cannot do this. )
  • Can use bows.

Priest penalties

  • Generic priest penalties.
  • Cannot dig.
  • Cannot chop down Trees.
  • Cannot use alchemy.
  • Cannot pave or destroy roads.
  • Cannot steal or destroy structures.

Magranon champion abilities and penalties

(See the champion page for details on champion-hood)

Champion abilities

  • All Magranon follower and Magranon priest abilities (NOT the Priest penalties)
  • +5 to all characteristics skills.
  • Faith set to 99.99 (you can continue to pray & gain faith, but only at about 0.000010)
  • Praying, channeling, exorcism all get 50+ your original skill, up to a maximum of 80.
  • Shorter time for normal healing.
  • Increased skill gain (factor isn't known).
  • You will get a new title: Champion of Magranon (this title can not be turned off, but it does not effect other titles. So you can be a 'Blacksmith Champion of Magranon' for example).
  • You will lose your Champion status after you die 3 times or after 6 months.


Spells are only available to priests and champions. You cannot raise your faith above 30 without becoming a priest.

Name Level (Faith) Favor Difficulty Time (seconds) Targets Description Notes
Sixth sense 6 15 20 10 Creature Detect hidden creatures and traps. N/A
Bless 8 10 10 10 Item, Creature Adds a holy aura of purity. Good for low skill channeling grinding, use on blank altars to bless them to Magranon.
Dispel 10 10 20 4 Tile, Item, Creature Tries to dispel an effect on the target. N/A
Light token 20 5 10 10 Tile, Item, Creature Creates a bright light item N/A
Locate soul 20 20 10 10 Tile, Item, Creature Locates a player and corpses N/A
Nolocate 22 15/60 10 Creature, Item Hides you from locate spells N/A
Aura of Shared Pain 25 35 60 20 Item Hurts creatures hitting you cast this on armour
Goat shape 25 20 20 10 Creature Increases climbing skill N/A
Frantic charge 30 20 30 4 Creature Increases attack and movement speed N/A
Magranon's shield 30 30 30 200 Item Counters Magranon's demise enchant target item needs to be at least 70 QL
Lurker in the woods 31 30 60 20 Item Locates rare creatures locates Champion animals. Effective when cast on a pendulum.
Lurker in the dark 31 30 60 20 Item Locates enemies Effective when cast on a pendulum.
Fireheart 35 20 20 5 Creature Attacks the heart with flame N/A
Fire pillar 37 30 10 10 Tile, Creature Envelops in fire. N/A
Vessel 38 5 70 30 Item stores favour in a gem N/A
Dominate 39 40 35 20 Creature Dominates monsters. N/A
Flaming aura 39 45 60 20 Item Creates burn wounds N/A
Break altar 40 80 50 30 Item Damages the holy altars N/A
Mass stamina 40 50 20 20 Tile Refreshes allies in an area N/A
Selfhealer's demise 41 40 40 200 Item Higher crit chance against regenerating creatures N/A
Animal's demise 43 40 50 200 Item Higher crit chance against animals N/A
Libila's demise 44 40 50 200 Item Higher crit chance against followers of Libila N/A
Fo's demise 45 40 20 200 Item Higher crit chance against Fo followers N/A
Vynora's demise 47 40 50 200 Item Higher crit chance against followers of Vynora N/A
Wrath of Magranon (spell) 50 50 50 10 Tile Destroys fences or walls in an area N/A
Ritual of the Sun 50 300 60 100 Item Repairs walls and buildings within Magranon influence Also feeds all Magranon followers to 100 food/water and 50 nutrition
Dragon's demise 51 50 50 30 Item Higher crit chance against dragons N/A
Sunder 60 50 30 30 Item Deal damage to an item N/A
Mole senses 65 60 40 30 Tile Smells ores and rock depth Doesn't work underground, Note that a metre is 10 dirt.
Strongwall 70 70 70 (0) 180 Tile Reinforce or spawn rock Changes open cave tiles to rock tiles, or reinforces rock tiles. Always succeeds. Doesn't appear on spell list.
Smite 70 50 90 30 Creature Incinerates the target N/A
Disintegrate 70 80 70 60 Tile Destroys rock Destroy rocktile, also work to destroy reinforced tile in some conditions.
Locate Artifact 80 70 70 30 Tile locates hidden artifacts N/A