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Vynora is the Goddess of knowledge, creation, water and fishing. Her channeling item is a gold or silver statuette of Vynora.

Roads are associated with Vynora, because they are a symbol of civilization and knowledge.

See the religion page for information about how to become a follower.

Game lore

Vynora's Converting Speech

What is this?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?

Vynora, our goddess and guide, will help you seek the answer to that ancient riddle, just as we help her in her quest to know everything.

Many secrets has she gathered, and we who call ourselves Seekers will be the first ones to learn.

What is a Man? What is a Woman? What lies in darkness of the Void? Questions need answers!

Seekers strive after excellence. We seek the truth in all things. We will go anywhere in our attempts to find it.

True knowledge also brings us power. Power over self, but also power over others.

Our gathered experience tells us that the best for all is to use that knowledge with care.

Therefore most of us are peaceful and strive after a calm and orderly way to gather knowledge.

Welcome to join the followers of Vynora!

Vynora's Inscription (at the Altar of Three)

Seeker! I am the Water and the Wind.

A bowl is my symbol.Have you ever asked yourself the Questions? I will help you find the answer to the Ancient Riddles, if you help me.

My knowledge is vast, but I need to know the last parts! We all must know! What are you? What lingers in the darkness of the Void?

Seek excellence. Seek the truth in all things. Go anywhere in your attempts to find it.

True knowledge also brings you power. Exercise that power with care, or it will hurt you like the snake who bites its tail.

Too many secrets are hidden by the other gods, and none will they reveal. This cannot be.

Flow with me!


Each god has slightly different abilities and penalties. See the gods' individual pages for details. Below lists only the abilities and penalties of Vynora. Follower abilities are only available to players with faith above 20.

Vynora followers abilities and penalties

(See the follower page for details on being a follower)

Follower abilities

  • +10% skill gain to all skills, except fighting and characteristics not listed below.
  • +2.5%-10% skill gain to mind logic, mind speed scaled by alignment
  • 5% shorter action timer when building walls.
  • 10% shorter action timer when paving roads.
  • 7.5% shorter repair timer.
  • +10% QL gain when improving wooden and clay items.

Follower penalties

  • Followers cannot raise faith above 30.
  • Alignment penalties.
  • Vynora also dislikes thievery such as stealing and lockpicking.

Vynora priest abilities and penalties

(See the priest page for details on priest-hood)

Priest abilities

  • All Vynora follower abilities and penalties.
  • Ability to cast Vynora spells (see below)
  • Priests of Vynora with 60 faith and 30 favor are inspired in their deity's favored terrain and have less stamina drain there. Vynora priests get this bonus on roads.
  • Priests of Vynora receive double favor gains from sacrificing wooden items, and pottery items.
  • Priests of Vynora gain +2 defensive combat rating while fighting on pavement or at sea (boat/swimming)
  • Paving (Priests of other gods cannot do this)
  • Cut wood (Fo priests cannot do this)
  • Can use bows.

Priest penalties

  • Generic priest penalties.
  • Cannot mine.
  • Cannot destroy pavement.
  • Cannot steal or destroy structures.

Vynora champion abilities and penalties

Please note: Champions have been discontinued until further notice.

(See the champion page for details on champion-hood)

Champion abilities

  • All Vynora follower and Vynora priest abilities (NOT the Priest penalties)
  • +5 to all Characteristics skills.
  • Faith set to 99.99 (you can continue to pray & gain faith, but only at about 0.000010)
  • Praying, channeling, exorcism all get 50+your original skill, up to a maximum of 80.
  • Champions of Vynora with 40 favor are better at improving items than other champions. They are still worse at improving than non-priests, however.
  • Shorter time for normal healing
  • You will get a new title: Champion of Vynora (this title can not be turned off, but it does not effect other titles. So you can be a 'Blacksmith Champion of Vynora' for example).
  • You will lose your Champion status after you die 3 times or after 6 months.


Spells are only available to priests and champions. You cannot raise your faith above 30 without becoming a priest.