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Hrm, interesting things to say?

Dunno. I edit the wiki some and spend a lot of time building my farming estate at Greendale.

Looking forward to moving to MR Home - which better not be tonight!

Please! Please! Please! Not to tonight!

A week or so later ...

3 real days, 8 hours staring at slowly shifting water each day to sail from Aeldell in Jenn Kellon to our eventual location, Kallana Verde, in Mol Rehan.

What a horrendous unending slog. But we found such a beautiful valley! :D


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  • Played Wurm for a couple months during Gold 1(?) as Logos. This may actually have been early during Gold 2. I have had problems trying to resolve this accurately, but I know for a fact that it was the November immediately after the European open beta of Everquest New Dawn finished and the same year as the Neocron 4 open beta.
  • Returned to the game in April 2008
  • Started building Greendale west of NT and directly southeast of Aegis
  • Crazily took on a commission to make 3 ql 30 large signs for Pacer when I had only 8 Fine Carpentry.
  • Moved to Aeldell a couple of weeks prior to the opening of MRH
  • Started to focus on Cloth Tailoring in order to help with ship building
  • Gained my mason title while building a 24 wall stone estate for Kyros near Akhenaten on Jenn Kellon Home
  • Started developing Fine Carpentry, currently around 35
  • Built my small sailing boat the De Tritus with invaluable help from Nadroj
  • Sailed for 3 real days to reach Kallana Verde in Mol-Rehan
  • Was made village elder by KV mayor, Nadroj
  • Made around 10 beds for our villagers .. lots more fine carp :D
  • Built the Miners Cot at KV
  • Helped terraform KV
  • Helped create a cedar forest at KV
  • Got the Cloth Tailoring title
  • Helped build the village housing at KV (not as much as I should have done) but imped most of the coffins and forges to compensate
  • Decided that KV were gonna mine through a mountain to create a 700 tile underground canal from North to South. Goldfishmoo, Moss and my other villagers did the most of the work. Incredible people.
  • Built the guard tower (with some help) and the Tower Bunkhouse at the KV Tunnel entrance
  • Built a rowboat and sailboat inside the KV tunnel.
  • Got Bowyer title
  • Got Fine Carpenter title
  • Got Fletcher title
  • Ran the 2008 Xmas Impalong on MRH. I say 'ran' - without all the help I got from players from MRH and Wild it would not have worked at all.
  • Worked my ass off for 3 solid weeks on a road from KV to DS. Was offline 5 months from the resulting burnout
  • Worked my ass off to get 80 Wood Cutting
  • Joined DarkenStone prior to moving to Freedom when KV disbanded prior to moving to Wild
  • Got LandShaper title while terraforming DS and Triton on Freedom
  • Got the Stabber title for carving knife use
  • Got Harbormaster title
  • Made and enchanted a large number of mailboxes caross the Freedom server
  • alts Svelte(Vynora) and Fop(Fo) remain in JKH near NT finishing off Greendale
  • both moved to Freedom with Tritus
  • My PC burned out = 18 month forced absence
  • Started new Triton deed near Freedom Market Docks
  • Got Smith title
  • finished the Triton stair between Triton and Ravenloft. Small road really but satisfying to complete.



  • aims to become Vynora priest and probably champ after that
  • working to raise all important skills to 30
  • gained [Mason] title while completing the construction of GD
  • became Priest of Vynora just after the Vynora priest nerf .. lol :D
  • moved to Freedom
  • got the Norn title for 50 faith
  • currently raising Ropemaking (43) and Cloth Tailoring (16)


  • aims to become Fo priest
  • gained [Mason] title while repairing and imping the perimeter walls of GD

gained Digger title

  • gained Miner title while mining silver for the 2008 Xmas Impalong on JKH
  • became Fo priest while on Wild and waiting for Freedom server to open
  • gained Excavator title while helping Tritus terraform Triton and the Ds->BH road on Independance
  • enchanted lots of mailboxes around Independance - an exhausting task
  • many thanks to the nice people around Crystal Lake for making my work for them so easy and troublefree


About Me

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a troll, those fangs are from the wolf side of my family.

I am, very definitely, a lover of Wurm. When I am not playing I do like to spend a lot of time on the forums or here on the wiki, having my say and doing my best to help people get past the game's pretty steep learning curve. The first week is the worst, after that its just a joy to learn the intricacies of the game.

I play all sorts of MMO and, when I am not playing Wurm, I am probably playing the latest beta, closed or open, or just timing out in a game that requires a little less thought.

One example would be Freedom of Mankind, which I had run across inumerable times before I finally ended up playing as a result of reading a thread on the Wood Scraps forum here on Wurm. If you ever played, PI3 ftw! ;)

I am 44 and, like many scots, an extreme cynic. This probably comes across in my forum posts, though, kinda obviously, many people misinterpret my caustic nature as a nit picking one. I admit that I have very storng opinions but I am not quite as unwilling to listen to other perspectives as sometimes seems the case. I love forum discussions when you get intelligent feedback, even when I dont agree with it myself.

On the forums I most respect Othob Ribol, Urman and Spellcast. They are all very clued, intelligent posters.

Inside the game I am definitely not a grinder. I really just do whatever I feel like most of the time and I gets bits of skill here there and everwhere as I go along. I have only ever worked hard at wood cutting entirely and accidentally because, with strong carpentry skills, I was not really left with much choice. I am admittedly very proud of my meagre 60ish skill in ship building. I take a lot of happiness from seeing a new boat go into the water.

The people I most like ingame are Spellcast and the people that I met when I was in the village of Kallana Verde on MRH: Nad, Moss, Mobi, Gadget, Cali, FM, GFM. I feel a genuine bond of friendship toward these people that I have rarely ever developed in other games. I also have a strong affection for all my friends from DarkenStone, who kindly adopted me after the MRH server was closed. Batolomeaus being one of the kindest people I have met ingame, Gaffy, Rogan and Perse were hardly far behind him.

I have intense respect for the entire Wurm team, GM's and devs especially and, usually ;), also for the player base, which is definitely one of the best I have come across since I got seriously MMO active in 2003.

In real life, before illness retired me, I was wrote PHP backends, did general computer programming and a little computer related teaching and training.

I have many interests but Science Fiction, Fantasy, pen and paper role playing and computer programming have usually been the strongest. Other strong interests are the martial arts, ancient history (folklore, myth, archeology etc), psychology and anthropology, and creative writing (essays, stories, poetry).

With such a strong background in computing and other Wurm related subjects, I have an intense, almost driven, respect for Rolf and the other creators of Wurm. Long ago, while at uni, I wrote a similar FRP system and, about ten years ago I did the design for a full blown world simulator (most focus on geographical and geological stuff but some life development and migration patterns) - so I guess its not really very surprising that Rolf is a bit of a hero figure to me for bringing to fruition something that I only ever did in bits and pieces.

Why Did I Write That?

Bceause I guess I get curious about whats in the background of the players I meet and play with in Wurm. Maybe if I put myself on the line a bit, other people will tell a bit about themselves too.

If you do .. remember .. no street addresses, phone numbers, real life traceable info such as school or place of work etc.