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see Cooking for a general overview

Skill Guide

Hopefully this will be a decent guide for what to cook and at what level for fastest early gain in Hot Food Cooking.

Note: The skill from cooking is given to the person who adds the cooking container into the oven rather than the person who puts the goods into it.

If someone takes the pot out and puts it back in then apparently they get the skill.

Also, it is a common wives tale in Wurm that you get zero skill if the difficulty of the dish you're making is more than 10+ your Hot food cooking skill. This is not the case. Skill may be relatively reduced, but it's still able to be over 10+ your skill level.

Low difficulty food does make it much easier to gain the first few skill points though. (see below)

Tritus' Gulasch (0-15)


I leveled this way myself so I know that it worked at the time of writing this.

However, for the first 4 points of skill gain it is very difficult to get skill and you would need to make many Goulash.

  • It is faster to make some Stew until you are around 8. This takes about 10 minutes on sleep bonus.
  • I did train entirely using a forge, using an oven for the first 8 points may be better for faster skillgain if you are making goulasch.


  1. Stone Forge QL of 10 or better is advisable
  2. Sauce Pan Any QL, though higher is possibly faster
  3. Cauldron Any QL, though higher is possibly faster
  4. Water
  5. Fish or Meat or Fillet of either. If using fillets, you will need to use more than 1.

NB: A cauldron is not necessarily required but does make things a lot easier. You could use a few saucepans to heat the water and a few others to make the goulash.

Refer to the Quick cooking [guides]


  1. Put water in cauldron
  2. Put cauldron in forge
  3. Put Sauce Pan in forge
  4. Put fish in forge
  5. Wait 20-90 mins according to QL of forge

When all items are Glowing With Heat

  1. Remove Sauce Pan
  2. Put Fish or Meat or Fillet in Sauce Pan
  3. Fill Sauce Pan with Water from Cauldron
  4. Put Sauce Pan back in forge
  5. Wait 30-60 secs till Sauce Pan contains Goulash
  • Take Saucepan
  • Pour (empty) Goulash onto ground

Repeat whole process

Note: Goulash appears to have a consistent difficulty of 14 that can be increased by using a lower QL fire or forge. This trick should work until you have a skill of around 14.

Tip: Make several Sauce Pans and use the Goulash to feed your pigs or tamed pet in order to raise your animal Taming skill at the same time.

If the animal is within 20 tiles of your cooking site then you can make 7-8 pans of Goulash and use all of them to tame the animal and they will still be glowing hot when you get back to your fire.

Meals (15-30)

One veg and one fish or meat in a frying pan.

Advanced Meal (24-33)

One veg and two types of meat and or fish in a Frying Pan. (eg 1 brook trout + 1 carp, 1 roach + 1 spider meat, 1 wolf meat + 1 cow meat)