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A wall plan is the frame of an incomplete building, this is the first step to building a wooden house or stone house.


To start planning a structure, activate a mallet or iron hammer, right-click a tile and select Plan building. You can extend the wall plan by additional tiles, depending on your carpentry skill. Each tile and each piece of wall needs 1 point in carpentry.

To remove a wall plan from a tile, right-click the tile and select Remove plan here. A wall plan without any walls attached will generally decay within 24 hours.

House tiles can now only be planned on perfectly flat ground (slope of 0 dirts). The maximum length of a house is 20 tiles in one direction.

Once you have the desired shape of your house, right-click the wooden frame and select Finalize build plan. This will create a house and it will also be added to your list of manageable buildings. You can manage the name, door locks, and friends of the house with if you have anyone on your friends list.

You are not required to complete a building before you are allowed to build or plan another one, however if you wish to do so you must wait until a server reset.

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