Wishing well

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A wishing well for sending "wishes" to the highest powers of the Wurm Universe.


  • A normal fountain or well can be turned into a wishing well with either the Fo spell, Courier, or the Libila spell, Dark Messenger.
  • Once enchanted, a player can then activate a coin and right-click the well to make a wish of their choice.
  • A "wish" is a personal message to the developers of Wurm Online.
  • Each wish is limited to 40 characters.
  • Not all wishes will make it through the ethereal mists to the higher plane of the developers. The true chance at success is currently unknown.
  • It's believed, but not confirmed, that the higher the denomination of coin used in the casting of the wish, the higher the likelihood of its successful transmission as well as deeper consideration by the higher powers upon receipt.