Dark messenger

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Dark messenger
Dark messenger

Faith: 30
Favor: 30
Difficulty: 40
Target: Item
Casting time: 30 seconds


Only a Priest of Libila can cast this spell


This Libila spell is available to priests at 30 faith. It is used to enchant a mailbox to allow them to send and receive mail between players. The power and effect of spell is given in the bracket [x] Ranging from 0 to 104. The spell can be cast multiple times to try to improve the effect of it. Success of casting the spell depends on your channeling skill. A higher power increases how keen (fast) the Messengers are to work for you. In other words, mail is delivered faster if the mailbox has a higher cast on it. The amount of time this takes is 101 minutes - enchant power.

Dark messenger can also be cast on fountains and wells to turn them into wishing wells, which can then be used to make wishes by activating a coin and right-clicking the fountain or well.

Failure to cast uses 6 favor.

Dark messenger is also used on a strange device to create one of the four types of turrets:

Priests of Fo have an equivalent spell with the same function called courier.


  1. Activate your deity's statuette
  2. Right-click a mailbox or strange device
  3. Select Spells > Dark messenger