Wooden plank opening

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Wooden plank opening
A Wooden plank opening
Total materials
  • 1 Wooden plank opening
Skill and improvement
Main / Skills / Carpentry / Wooden plank opening


It is a normal opening made of wood.


  • To plan an opening: Activate a hammer, mallet, or trowel and right click the floor of the house, then select Plan and Build Ladder to create a floor plan.
  • To build an opening once planned: Activate a mallet and right click the floor plan, then select Build and Wooden plank opening.


  • Right click the opening its ladder, then select climb to move between floors.
  • By standing on the opening of a floor you can activate a rope and right click certain items to haul them, providing both you and the object are on the same tile, albeit one floor apart. Hauling back down will work in the same way and the item does not need to be empty.


  • Must have 1 small nails and 1 plank in inventory to start.
  • The ladder graphic is always positioned against the south edge of the opening as default.
  • The ladder can be rotated after completion by right click>rotate clockwise/counterclockwise.

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