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A Rope
Skill and improvement

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A coarse rope made from from wemp fibre.


Ropes are used in the construction of catapults, wells, fences, rope bridges, and rope traps.

Some items may be hauled up and down ladders of a structure by using a rope or halter rope.

While a rope can only lead 1 creature at a time, a halter rope may also be used for leading up to 4 creatures, one per rope. Many creatures can be lead without taming and these include: bison, bulls, calves, cows, chickens, hens, horses, roosters, pigs and sheep.

Only the commander of a boat or cart can lead animals. Passengers are not able to lead animals.


  • Quality of the rope tool affects your chance of making rope.
  • Quality of the wemp fibre determines the maximum quality of the finished rope.
  • Can be found by foraging from Flotsam Resource nodes.

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